Prepping a Family Camping Trip
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4 Great Ways in Prepping a Family Camping Trip

Prepping a Family Camping Trip

Family always comes first. Your spouse, children, even your mom and dad — these are the ones who matter most. Make every effort to keep them close, in your heart if not in proximity.

What’s a fantastic way to get the family together? You can take them to the movies, treat them to a nice restaurant, or hold a family barbeque every weekend.

Another great idea is to take them on a camping trip. Time together away from all the hubbub of the city can bring each of you closer together. Even if none of you have any survival experience, you can still enjoy a good camping trip.

So, if you want to go that route, follow these tips.

Get a Suitable Vehicle

Since you’ll be bringing the entire family along as well as each of your gear, your Kia Rio hatchback won’t be enough. It will probably break down anyways mid-trip.

You should go rent or borrow a vehicle that can accommodate all of you and can traverse difficult terrain.

An RV or a camper van can let you bring the comforts of home and can be more suited for cross-country travels, especially if you have kids who aren’t used to long drives. For shorter off-the-road trips, a pickup is a better choice.

If you do own one of those, then see if it’s fully equipped for your trip. Check your oil. Make sure your lights are working. Pack a couple of spare tires and extra gas-filled cans.

Go over the interior too. Install a GPS and a HUD. Check your AC if it’s functioning well. And don’t forget the mats. Getting floor mats for your Toyota Tundra can make it easier for you to clean your truck after the trip.

Prep the Essentials

Now that you have your land boat setup and have an idea how much you can take with you, then it’s time to prepare your supplies and equipment, captain.

Go over this checklist of essentials:

  • Camping tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Insulator mats and tarps
  • First aid kit (with anti-allergy pills)
  • Flashlights with extra batteries
  • Rain gear (i.e., coats, ponchos)
  • Food and trail snacks (i.e., granola bars, nuts)
  • Water and water bottles
  • Camping stove and fuel
  • Whistles
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra clothes

When you’ve secured all of those, find space for these optionals:

  • Chairs
  • Bug spray
  • Cooler with drinks
  • Fishing poles
  • Radio

Finally, you may need backpacks for each of your relatives. If you’re generally going to be camping near your vehicle, you don’t need too big a bag.

However, where’s the fun in that? You’re in the wilds, after all. So, go further out from where you’re parked and find a good spot. You will need hiking backpacks for this, and you must pack them with your relative’s weight in mind. A loaded backpack must never weigh more than their body weight.

Plan and Organize

Next up, know your roles. You don’t want one person to do all the work. The point is to have everyone have fun, so everyone must do their part to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.

For the journey, designate a driver, a navigator, and someone to man the radio. You may also want a substitute to rotate in so as not to exhaust the driver. This is especially important in a long drive.

On camp, consider the capabilities of your relatives. Your old parents may be weak, so don’t force them to carry big bags. Your kids may be inexperienced; maybe you can have them be assistants to everyone else, so they can learn new concepts.

It’s also worthwhile to have everyone be briefed on what to do during emergencies; for example, how to apply basic first aid, how to signal for help, etc.

Stay Safe!

Keep these in mind when preparing for a camping trip with your family, and you’ll come home safely. You’ll build a more intimate relationship with each of your relatives, and you’ll gain new memories to cherish.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a successful family camping trip!

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