The Best Lingerie to Wear in Bed
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The Best Lingerie to Wear in Bed

The Best Lingerie to Wear in Bed

For many women, whatever they wear is a form of self-expression. Women have loved fashion ever since the age of time. I am not saying that men do not follow fashion trends but women take it more seriously. What a woman wears to bed matters in a similar way to what they may wear during the daytime or to work. Women want to feel confident and comfortable with their partner or when getting a good night’s sleep.

Whichever your reasons are, let us agree that you should carefully pick what nightwear you wear to bed. Choosing the right lingerie to bed will not only guarantee you sound sleep but also ensure that your skin gets that feeling of nourishment and repair.

Part of choosing the best nightwear is identifying the best fabric for you. Although silk is at the high end of the price ladder, it is worth every dollar. There are brands like NK iMODE which are dedicated to silk lingerie; checkout their comfortable and luxurious designs at

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts of lingerie that you can wear to bed and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.

Rock an Alluring Chemise

Wearing an alluring silk chemise is a great way to feel good about yourself and have a good night’s sleep at the same time. Silk is especially a good choice for fabric when looking for a chemise. Comfortable silk chemises are not tight and come in an array of different styles and sometimes feature lace details and accessors, making it a fashionable piece in your closet. A silk chemise regulates temperature easily, making it your best pick for the night.

It can be hypo-allergenic for some women which doesn’t irritate the skin, leaving you with a soft and soothing sensation.

Shorts are your new Sleeping Partner

Nighttime lingerie should be simple as you’re spending hours in it. Shorts are the perfect description for simple and fashionable. It is easy to move around in them while you may toss and turn during the night. Shorts are a good way for any woman to be confident about her body shape. That confidence is what gives you a piece of mind during sleep.

However, you should find shorts that are comfortable and made of softer fabric. Avoid wearing heavy or rough material during your sleep. Also, avoid too tight shorts as they will rub against your skin and you will not sleep comfortably. Silk booty shorts should do the trick for you.

Rock the Classic Looking-Pajama Set

Pajama set have been around for ages and they are not going anywhere. We all wore pajamas as children and there is nothing wrong with going to bed in a pair of comfortable pajama sets as an adult. Pajamas are simple and functional. A silk pajama set is ideal for people who have allergies to a majority of fabrics. They keep you covered at night if you prefer during any season.

Consider Wearing A Nightdress

Another good classic wear that you should try out if you have not. Nightdresses are particularly good for the more conservative kind of women who believe in little exposure of skin and want a classic style. A good nightdress should be very light and regulate your body temperature. Silk nightdresses are particularly the best fabric you can have when selecting a nightdress.

Avoid Wearing Bras

Bras are very handy in protecting your bust from moving around during sleep, but they are not the most comfortable to wear to bed. Bras can cause marks to your breast skin due to the hooks. Additionally, the fabric can cause irritation, cysts, and cuts to your skin when they rub on the skin during your sleep. Bras can also lead to fungal infections. It’s better to opt for a soft and supportive bust area in silk lingerie -whether a silk camisole or chemise. You’ll feel lighter and freer without the constraints of a bra.

You Can Go Naked

I know I might be skipping the topic here but going to sleep with anything on is beneficial. This is not my personal view but it is proved by researchers that sleeping naked has many benefits to your body. Your skin is under constant friction with fabric all day long and giving it breathing space at night can improve its look and feeling. What better way to be confident than in your own skin!

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