6 Great Smelling Sachets for the Fall Season
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6 Great Smelling Sachets for the Fall Season

6 Great Smelling Sachets for the Fall Season

Finally!! My favorite season is upon us and that’s fall of course. First of all, that heat seems to affect me the older I get. Honestly, my entire family complained about how hot and humid it is starting the first thing in the morning. The weather isn’t the only thing that I love about the fall season though. Who doesn’t love watching the leaves change color? Everyone in my household love taking pictures and there’s nothing better to step on your patio to some beautiful trees. Another thing we love about the fall is the smell of all the amazing scents for your home. Usually, we’ll get wax candles, oils and pretty much anything you can think of. This year, we’re doing things a little different. We tried out some scented sachets from Floral Simplicity and those things smell great.

My wife came home from work and I just opened the box they came in while in our room. As soon as she came in the room, she asked, what’s that smell? My reply was, do you like it? She said I love it and showed her that it wasn’t the usual wax candles she normally burns, but the scented sachets I told her about. These packets can be put pretty anyone you pleased unlike the oils we use. You can put them near the trash can, add to your vacuum, in your clothes drawer, kitchen or anywhere you want. If you like to smell that great scent all the time, I’ve added one in our family vehicle also. Below are the six scents that I’ve had the chance to check out.

Lavender Fields

6 Great Smelling Sachets for the Fall Season

Lavender Fields is the one my youngest daughter immediately fell in love with and took a pack of them in her room.

Pumpkin Spice

6 Great Smelling Sachets for the Fall Season

Pumpkin Spice was snatched up right away by my oldest daughter. She has a pet dog, so this keeps her room smelling fresh the entire time.

Sage & Citrus

Sage & Citrus is the one my son picked for himself. This past weekend, we shampooed his carpet and he put his sachets in the vacuum cleaner.

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom is the one my wife picked for the living area as she wants me to get more. My mom came over during the weekend and the first thing she asked was about the smell. We told her about the scented sachets and now she wants some also.

Laundry Basket

The Laundry Basket is my personal favorite that I stashed in my car as this is one of the cleanest smells ever. My nose is usually sensitive when it comes to smells, but this clean and fresh one doesn’t bother me at all.

Winter Cheer

Winter Cheer is my son’s girlfriend loved it, so we told her to take it home with her. After getting home, her mom called my wife and boasted about how it makes the entire house smell great.

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