10 Fun Filled Summer Activities for Kids
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10 Fun Filled Summer Activities for Kids

10 Fun Filled Summer Activities for Kids

Are you looking for some activities to make your summers more fun? If so, you’ll want to take a look at the 10 summer activity ideas below!

Go to the Park  

Going to the local park with some sports equipment can be tons of fun for friends and family. Playing a game of Frisbee is also a ton of fun, especially with a larger group. You could make it more fun and create penalties for whoever doesn’t catch it!


Initially, gardening may seem like a boring activity, but once you get out there and start taking pride in your backyard, you’ll find yourself out there for hours. Be sure to plant a wide range of colorful plants and produce. Even better, get the kids involved to teach them about growing and committing to a project.

Family Sports Day 

Sports days in school were something that every child used to look forward to. So, set up your own family and friends version in your backyard. You can have regular races, as well as sack and egg races. The stranger the competitions get, the more fun everyone will have!

Create a Mini Home Beach 

If you live far away from a beach, you could create a mini beach for the kids in your backyard. It’s actually easier than you may be thinking. All you need is a couple of paddling pools. Fill one up with water and the other one with sand. Smaller kids will love playing in both pools. You could bring beach towels and provide snacks to make it feel like they’re really at the beach too.

Take a Kite Outdoors 

Playing with a kite outdoors is a simplistic but an incredibly fun experience. Many people love to create their own kites. Alternatively, you could choose to buy one or something similar from whoops toy hub. It gets the kids excited about being outdoors to be fascinated by how their kite moves in the wind.

Marble Race Course 

Creating a marble race course is a unique and fun summer activity. Grab a pool noodle and cut it in half with a knife. Put the two sides next to each other and put toothpicks through the both of them to keep them in place. The kids can then have a blast decorating the tracks and making finish line barriers and so on.

Explore Nature 

Kids love exploring nature. Give them a pair of binoculars and go out with them into fields and forests. It’s a great way to see if they can spot any wildlife and bugs to learn about.

Camping in Your Backyard 

Going camping doesn’t have to mean packing the kitchen sink into the back of your car. You could set up a camping area in your backyard. Sleeping in tents in the backyard is something that kids and their friends have a lot of fun with. It gives them a sense of freedom, while still being within walking distance of the comfort of their own home.

Have a Picnic  

Having a picnic outdoors can be a fun activity for the entire family. If you want to get the kids more involved, you could have them help out with making the sandwiches. They love being able to cook and get involved in the kitchen!

Water Balloon Fight 

On a hot summer day, throwing water balloons around the backyard can be incredibly fun. Invite some friends and family over and split everyone up into teams!


The next time you’re struggling to think of a fun activity for summer, take a look at this post to help you feel inspired!

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