Top 5 Clothing Brands for Outdoor Adventures

Top 5 Clothing Brands for Outdoor Adventures

Conditions out in the field can be inclement and sometimes downright brutal. The outerwear you choose can make the difference between enjoying the outdoors or counting the minutes until you pack it up and go home. Plenty of clothing brands say they’ve got you covered in all weather, but only a select few come through on that promise. Here is the best of the best when it comes to outerwear engineered for hunting or tactical adventures.

Magpul Clothing

Magpul isn’t just a top-of-the-line name in gun accessories. Their clothing line falls under the shooting lifestyle umbrella and is made to handle conditions only a die-hard outdoorsman dare to tackle. Engineered to support the carriage, movement, and comfort of the hunter or tactical enthusiast, Magpul at Omaha Outdoors is clothing that is effective in demanding situations and yet stylish enough to be worn in everyday environments without looking like military fatigues. One of the clear winners in the Magpul line is their Softshell Utility Pant. It takes you through all four seasons with ease and comfort and is designed for medium-to-high output activities. Features include interior storage for phones, two internal multi-use magazine pockets that are the perfect size for carrying 15-round magazines or pocket knives, and one thigh pocket for extra gear. All this, and the tough, lightweight material dries quickly while providing optimal warmth.


Founded in 1992 on scientific principles, ScentLok is the only company that has a line of scent-control clothing which feature a patented activated carbon technology that has consistently proven to outperform other brands tested. For hunters, nothing ruins the chase worse than being sniffed out by the quarry, and with ScentLok that worry is a thing of the past. In fact, independent Rutgers testing showed ScentLok products were able to effectively block up to 99.8% of tested odors with even their thinnest products. For hunters, ScentLok’s TAKTIX line of outerwear has a mid-weight suit made of a soft and quiet material, is water repellent, and locks scent down better than any other brand. With a bow or gun, hunting deer or bear, ScentLok is your best bet to get in close undetected.


This clothing brand is relied on by law enforcement, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI training academy adopted the original 5.11 pant as its training pant in 1992, forging a decades-long relationship with the organization. 5.11 is dedicated to developing clothing for real-world use, in tactical operations and law enforcement situations. This dedication has spilled over into the creation of a women’s tactical line, which serves the needs of female public safety professionals. Leaning more on the covert side of outdoor clothing versus hunting, 5.11 is the solid choice for when you need pants and shirts that are ready for anything tactical.


Another tactical line of clothing, TRU-SPEC is now one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement, and public safety markets. Thousands of police, firefighters, EMTs, and military personnel use and depend on their products daily. Their Tactical Pant features and ultra-comfortable dimensional fit with the added convenience of a drop-in phone pocket. Deep cargo pockets are designed to accommodate a concealed weapon, and its reinforced knees are designed with pockets for inserting pads. TRU-SPEC can’t be beat on comfort or utility with these tactical pants.


Here’s where this legendary firearm company proves its ingenuity with a new generation of Gore-Tex hunting clothes. Appropriately named Hell’s Canyon, this line of outerwear is silent and lightweight, with pockets that have a magnetized flap closure and reinforced by Kevlar. They’ve teamed this with new scent control technology, so not only are you quiet in the field but undetectable to the olfactory senses of your prey. In addition, the ladies’ Hell’s Belles line brings hardcore hunting gear and excellent protection to outdoors women. Which is a welcomed advancement in hunting outerwear.

Crawling through snow-covered canyons or sitting for seemingly endless hours in a tree during a Nor’Easter cyclone is considered a regular occurrence for those who hunt. Remaining still and silent in desert heat or crawling under vehicles through the mud is just an average day for the tactical operations experienced by law enforcement. Being able to do these things in comfort is something that used to be unheard of until these top 5 tactical and hunting clothing lines appeared on the market. As an avid adventurist or duty officer, who won’t let adverse conditions get in your way, these brands will make whatever conditions you endure not only tolerable but comfortable.


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