Baseball Changes – Three New MLB 2018 Trends
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Baseball Changes – Three New MLB 2018 Trends

Baseball is in a constant state of flux! To avid sports lovers, this might not be anything drastically new. They’ve seen on and off changes in baseball taking place on an end-to-end basis. However, today with the team philosophies and advanced technologies the game is getting shaped in an all-new way. From defensive positioning to pitch tracking, everything is undergoing an exciting change in the MLB domain. Do you want to know about the significant modifications? If yes, then discussed below are three appropriate baseball changes.

Top three baseball changes recently

Baseball Changes – Three New MLB 2018 Trends

1. There’s a decline in the offense

Do you have an affinity for strikeouts than the singles? If yes, then you’ve nothing to worry about. But on the other hand, if you are biased to an offensive baseball side, this new trend might pose a challenge for you. Recently the runs on a per game basis have fallen to almost 20-year low during the previous year. The batting average is much below to its levels. And this decline is something that took place shortly after the pitcher’s mound decreased.


Additionally, the batting average has also lessened down. And that too was unseen right after the pitcher mound got lowered. One can term this as the time of the “Three True Outcomes” that comprise of strikeouts, walks and home runs. But even the walks and home runs have minimized to a great extent. So, you can say that this is the time for a strikeout. Do you love to know more on multiple kinds of world sports and sports news? If yes, you can browse through websites like Wager Bop and browse the information you want to read on.

2. There’s a drop in the strike zone

Baseball Changes – Three New MLB 2018 Trends

Recently, the offensive numbers have been reducing for several reasons. However, not much of it contributes more than the strike zone, where the bottom edge is going low day by day. Since the advent of the Pitch F/X grading format in 2009, the umpires have been seen to call lower and more significant strike zones. Furthermore, Pitchers noted and had also flung a massive chunk of their pitches at the knee height. And in the meantime, the hitters of the league have got deduced to a weakly hacking at the low balls. It also leads to a continuous chain of embarrassing groundouts.

3. Time is gradually running off

Baseball Changes – Three New MLB 2018 Trends

The expansion of the strike zone did place the batters out of their comfort zone. But 2018’s MLB is in a state of flux. Hence, it is come up with a new policy of restricting the batter’s capacity to go outside the box, in between the pitches. This change brought up immediate concerns. And they were about the increasing length of the new age MLB games. This change is meant to increase its pace by safeguarding the hitters from getting involved in any ceaseless glove-management procedures.


Any change brings about a ripple of after effects. Sports lovers will find the same in the case of MLB changes that have taken place this year.  These changes somewhere come with the objective of a better gaming scope. You can research the internet to know more about such compelling changes.


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