Get an Edge on Your Battle Against Whipworms at Home

Get an Edge on Your Battle Against Whipworms at Home

Get an Edge on Your Battle Against Whipworms at Home

Many unwanted parasites get an opportunity to enter our bodies. Various kinds of microbes and parasites can make you sick. Few are as insidious as worms. Both animals and humans can fall prey to these parasites. Whipworms are a commonly found intestinal worm in both humans and animals. If you have a pet at home, chances are you have whipworms. Even if you do not have a pet at home, you can catch whipworms from various sources. Here is all you need to know about whipworms and how to keep your house from being infested.

What are Whipworms?

The scientific name of whipworm is Trichuris trichiura. Whipworms get their names from their shape. One end of the parasite is thick like the handle of the whip while the other end tapers out to resemble the whip itself. They remain attached to the mucosal lining of the colon and cecum, allowing its eggs to get dispersed through the fecal matter of the infected victim. In 10 to 60 days a whipworm egg is ready to become an adult worm infesting another animal.

Where Do They Come From?

Animal feces is where the eggs of whipworms get their opportunity to spread. Infected animal feces can come in contact with your dog. If you do not order dog interceptors online to administer to your dog regularly, their droppings can contain eggs from the worms that infest them. Animal feces used to fertilize crops can also contain the eggs that can enter your body if you do not wash vegetables before consuming them.

What are the Symptoms of Infestation?

A mild infestation might not show any symptoms. If your dog has a severe whipworm infestation you will notice them scratching their anus, they might have diarrhea frequently and might even lose weight rapidly. But before you order dog interceptors online for worms, get your dog’s stool tested to know if they truly are infected.

Humans show similar symptoms as dogs that are infected with whipworms. Nausea, vomiting, headaches and abdominal pains can be additional symptoms.

How Can You Prevent Them from Spreading?

If you have not been infected, then you can prevent it by taking a few precautionary measures. Do not allow your dog to go near the fecal matter of other animals as well as farmyards. When picking up after your dog always carry a scoop or plastic bag. Wash vegetables before consuming them. If you have a backyard where your dog poops, clean the dog waste from your yard instead of letting it mix with the soil.

Ways to Cure Whipworm Infestation

It is important first to understand if you are infested or not. Regular stool tests for your family as well as your dog can show you if anyone has been infected. If your dog has whipworms, then the treatment is simple. Order dog interceptors online, these pet meds take care of a number of worm infestations including whipworm. Your doctor can recommend antiparasitic medicine to cure you of whipworms.

With the help of precautionary measure and worm killing medicines, you can keep your family safe from whipworms.

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