What to Do in Your Daddy Downtime
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What to Do in Your Daddy Downtime

As any proud dad can attest, there are few things in life that compare to quality time with your kids. We’re not too testosterone-fuelled to admit that the hours we spend with our babies make our hearts swell with love and pride and all things nice.

That said, it’s okay to admit that we occasionally need some downtime. We’re not talking disappearing off the face of the earth or anything, but half a day to ourselves here and there is great for recharging our batteries and making us better and more Zen fathers in the long run.

But how to spend those precious hours alone? Here are three ideas to inspire you.

Take the dogs out 

What to Do in Your Daddy Downtime

One way to spend time away from your two-legged babies is with their four-legged counterparts, so if you’re lucky enough to have a dog or dogs, look up some nearby routes and take your canine companions somewhere new. Not only will this give you the chance to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy some gorgeous scenery, but it also has plenty of health benefits too, both mental and physical. These include everything from improved cardiovascular fitness and reduced blood pressure to stronger muscles and bones, decreased stress levels, and increased self-esteem – all of which will help to make you a happier and healthier dad. This is also a great way on how to exercise your dog.

Have a Flutter With Friends

What to Do in Your Daddy Downtime

Taking the dogs out is a lovely, wholesome way to spend your downtime, but sometimes it helps to let your hair down as well. So why not plan an evening of old-fashioned debauchery with your friends? According to research carried out in the UK, almost half of the population gambles, so there must be something to recommend it. That’s why we suggest getting a few of your best buddies and heading down to your local casino for a couple of beers and a game or two of blackjack. If you prefer a bit of time completely alone, you can have a go from the comfort of your own home instead thanks to the multitude of online casinos that are out there. There are even specialist sites that provide numerous betting bonuses to pick from, comparing and rating various casinos to make sure you get some real bang for your buck.

Go For a Run 

What to Do in Your Daddy Downtime

As with any type of exercise, going for a run can also be good for you if you have a bit of time alone. Releasing a rush of endorphins into your bloodstream, this is a great way to help counteract any pressure you’ve been under, and it’s highly beneficial for your physical well-being too. Use it as a chance to explore your local countryside or parkland and see if you can maybe scout out a few spots to bring your little ones to later. If nothing else, you’ll get to have some breathing space to think about all the things that are happening around you: the tears, the tantrums, and all of those milestone moments that make you feel so lucky to be a daddy.   


How will you choose to spend your downtime? 

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