Mens Jewelry - How to Make an Impression

Mens Jewelry – How to Make an Impression

Mens Jewelry - How to Make an Impression

There is nothing wrong with accessorizing if you can get the combination right. Men’s jewelry has been around for millennia and is integral in traditional garments across the world. It has its place in the contemporary setting too and you will certainly be surprised by the plethora of options available. Let’s start exploring.

There are several types of men’s jewelry. Watches, cufflinks, and tie pins are functional, so they can blend into your outfit rather seamlessly. Bracelets, chains, and piercings are more about the aesthetics and they can help you achieve that unique look and signature style.

How to Wear a Chain?

A necklace for men would have to follow some basic rules – simple, solid and minimal. The focus should be more on material quality, finish, and scale. When you want to rock a chain, evaluate the outfit that you are wearing and familiarize with the unique styles of chains.

A chain is a straightforward design – a succession of loops that link into each other. The Cuban link chain has taken that concept to a whole new level and has become a staple in men’s jewelry. It is a glamorous design that also allows space for other accessories. The Cuban link loops interlock with each other and create a more voluminous chain. If you want to add a piece of chunky jewelry that is completely acceptable for men, this is your best option.

A Cuban link chain is ideal for casual wear or clubwear. Pair the bling with a tee and monochrome outfit. Or just throw it on before your head out to the marina in your shorts and sleeveless. Combine your Cuban links with a pair of men’s earrings to create an edgy street style. You can also wear it with other solid colors – golden chains go well with brown and blue apparel. Silver belongs outside the normal spectrum of colors and it is associated with white. Silver Cuban link chains will suit black and grey backgrounds more because of this.

14K yellow gold provides the sheen that you look for while also adding some durability. Gold is a soft metal so if you want to pick up an accessory, always look for the right alloy depending on usage. Cuban links can be plain chains, or you can add some precious stones into the mix. Solid rubies and diamond cut loops are just some examples of deft touches to your basic Cuban link chain.

If you want to browse through some of the latest Cuban Link Chain designs and pieces, is a great link.

A natural look is something that should be aimed for when picking up necklaces for men. It should fall onto your neck and look like it has been there for ages. This is why precious metals are the best choice. They have a deep original glow rather than a shallow shine. The white glow of silver or platinum or the crimson aura of a rose gold chain can add so much to what you are wearing. White gold is another popular and very appealing option. The unique glow of this alloy is a combination of the traditional speckles of gold with the cooler tone of the white metal addition.

Add Men’s Bracelets to your Collection

Bracelets are another jewelry/accessory that has been around for a long time. You can score some free jewelry here. Today a suave, well-designed bracelet can be a finishing touch to your formal or smart casual outfit. There are many types of bracelets. If you are looking for something upscale, stick to precious metals with the option of some precious or semi-precious stones.

There are several ways in which you can wear a bracelet. A metal bracelet can borrow some ideas from military pragmatism and include a name tag. That was one of the original uses of bracelets for men. If you already wear a watch, wear a metal bracelet on the other hand and match the two. For example – a silver watch and a copper bracelet will clash. Keep both accessories on the same side of the color spectrum.

A metal bracelet should stick to your skin, just like a good wristwatch. It should not be too rounded or have a smooth uniform texture or it might start looking too close to a bangle. A bit of rugged design and an aged shine is what makes a perfect metal bracelet.

Keep your skin tone in mind when you are choosing a metal bracelet. If your veins tend to contrast as dark lines against pale skin, that is an indicator of a cool skin tone. For such a skin tone, you should opt for metals like silver, platinum, or coated palladium. If your veins are not visible, then you have a warm skin tone and gold would suit best.

Men’s Watches – The Most Important Accessory

Watches are the ultimate men’s jewelry piece. They are functional, precision tools and it is the aesthetics that qualify them as jewelry. They also help you make the right impression if you choose well.

A watch gives people a glimpse into your personality. When you wear a luxury watch, it reflects someone who is informed about the finer tastes in life. It showcases you as a connoisseur or an individual who knows the details and has a lifestyle that corresponds to the watch. Whether it is an heirloom piece or something you have invested in, a good watch is always a smart idea.

A niche watch can be a very good conversation starter. You can have a chunky bejeweled timepiece on your wrist. Large, eye-catching watches are something associated with competitiveness and success – straight out of Wall Street. A dress watch, on the other hand, is a more intimate, slender affair. It is a charming addition to your outfit if worn on the right occasion.

When it comes to watches, you should also know your watchmakers. Rolex is the one that comes on top of the list if you were to speak to any timepiece enthusiast. Sky Dweller, Daytona and Yachtmaster are some of the iconic watch designs – many of the models have acquired cult status and are even more expensive today than when they were introduced. Walking around with a Rolex or a classy diamond-studded Patek Philippe, you don’t need to speak much to make heads turn. The watch says it all.

How Should I Choose Men’s Jewelry?

According to expert stylists across the world, there are certain ways to go about men’s jewelry in a modern outfit. Here are the basic rules that one should always keep in mind.

If you are new to jewelry or like to play it safe – keep things simple. Men’s jewelry acts like an accent for the larger outfit so the less there is, the more sophisticated it looks. Of course, you can bend this rule if you are wearing something more casual – maybe a hip-hop inspired look. You may also have a special affinity for precious stones. Wear them on your finger rings and earrings or add them to your chains.

Basic jewelry should start with a classic watch, a complete metal strap in case it is in your budget. Tie pins and cufflinks also come within the ambit of basic men’s jewelry – an integral part of the wardrobe.

Men’s jewelry pieces do not come embellished with too many stones and are usually dominated by metal. Silver and gold tones are the most common because they match most outfits and also compliment all skin types. Matching your metals with the color of your clothes is a simple formula. Gold exudes a warm yellow glow, so it complements earthy shades and deep colors like dark blue or green. Gold does come in many alloys and each has a specific glow. Read up on the differences of different before you make your final choice.

Silver cannot be associated with a traditional color wheel. Combine the cold grey or white glow with similarly monochrome colors like shades of grey, black, or white. It is a very alluring classic look. You can also pair your silver jewelry with delicate summer colors.

When is it Ok to Wear Men’s Jewelry?

Make sure you do not get unwanted attention because of your jewelry pieces. The corporate world has some unwritten rules and conclusions about accessories and dress code. Minimalist designs or a subtle item that does not say ‘hello’ from miles away will do just fine. Maintain your individual flair while acknowledging the context.

Some of the regular jewelry items that you will see in a boardroom meeting include watches, cufflinks, tie-pins, lapel accents, and of course, wedding rings. That solid men’s gold chain with the single ruby probably works better when you head over to the pub in your casuals later in the evening.

The complete picture is greater than the sum of all the parts – this adage holds very true for fashion. A small piece of jewelry or a single accessory might seem inconsequential on its own but if you pair it well and add it to your outfit you can end up with very attractive results. Men’s grooming, and fashion hold a place for experimentation. Discover new styles and ideas – dive into the incredible world of men’s jewelry.

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