Mood Muzik Vol. 1 Released 15 Years Ago Today
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Mood Muzik Vol. 1 Released 15 Years Ago Today

Mood Muzik Vol. 1 Released 15 Years Ago Today

Are you in that mood yet? If you’re familiar with Joe Budden and his classic series, then you know what I’m talking about. 15 years ago today Joe Budden released the Mood Muzik Vol. 1: The Worse of Joe Budden album. The series as a collection was some of the best mixtapes I’ve ever heard.Mood Muzik 1 made me pay attention to Joe Budden. His lyrics and storytelling were unmatched during this time. Mood Muzik 1 featured Fabolous, Paul Cain, A-Team and the late Stack Bundles. Nowadays, Joe Budden is the host of a popular podcast and a show called State of the Culture as part of a deal with Diddy. Below is the track listing and stream link to Mood Muzik 1: The Worse of Joe Budden.

  1. I Want You Back
  2. Freestyle ft. Stack Bundles & A-Team
  3. Cut 2Nite
  4. Oh My God ft. Fabolous & Paul Cain
  5. Through the Wire
  6. Find A Way
  7. Bitch Rappers & Metaphors
  8. Fight Music
  9. The Pump
  10. Where I’m From
  11. Def Jam Diss
  12. Only Girl
  13. So Lonely
  14. Last Real Nigga Alive
  15. The Truth
  16. Freestyle
  17. This Is For
  18. Rest in Peace
  19. Walk with Me
  20. Calm Down
  21. Heaven or Hell

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