2018 Capital One Orange Bowl Prediction
College Football

2018 Capital One Orange Bowl Prediction

2018 Capital One Orange Bowl Prediction

We’ll kick things off with one of the College Football Playoff Games. We have the Capital One Orange Bowl between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oklahoma Sooners. As we all know, Kyler Murray walked away with the Heisman Trophy barely edging out Tua Tugavoila. Many people still didn’t think the Sooners deserved to be in the playoffs. Either way they’re in and probably have the most lethal offense in the playoffs. Will they be able to put up those crazy numbers against the Crimson Tide? In the SEC Championship, the Georgia Bulldogs exposed the Tide defense. Coming into this game, Oklahoma has a more explosive offense. The issue with Oklahoma is the defense as they possess one of the worse in the country. The defense of Georgia held the Tide in check for most of the game and made Tua like a regular QB.

Of course, he left the game with a high ankle sprain and Jalen Hurts came in to be the hero for Alabama. Let’s take a look at the Tide offense against the Sooners defense. Can the Sooners Front 4 get pressure on Tua? The secondary of the Sooners is known for giving up big plays and the Tide can air the ball out. Will Tua be a 100% in time for this game? The Tide has the advantage on offense against the Sooners defense. How about the Tide defense against the Sooners offense? During the season, Alabama’s defense looked like one of the best Saban have ever had. Georgia laid the blueprint on how to beat the defense which consisted of power running and timely passes. Kyler Murray will need a Deshaun Watson type of game against the Tide. Can Murray stand up against the physical Tide defense? This could end up being a shootout, but in the end the Tide defense will make a couple of plays to win the game.

Alabama Win 45-41

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