3 Amazing Reasons to Visit Bratislava

3 Amazing Reasons to Visit Bratislava

3 Amazing Reasons to Visit Bratislava

We were all made aware Bratislava pretty much after watching EuroTrip. However, the capital of Slovakia is not that poor as we were led to believe by watching the movie. In fact, it is a really affordable and highly entertaining city that is definitely worth the attention.It is an excellent destination to spend an action-packed weekend here. In just a few days, you will be able to see all sorts of urban charms during the daytime and have lots of fun in the night.

Great city for a bar crawl

3 Amazing Reasons to Visit Bratislava

That’s why lots of tourists decide to spend a stag do getaway in Bratislava. The food and booze are cheap and delicious, plus the clubs are full of gorgeous girls. Here you can start with switching from bar to bar trying unfamiliar places and experiences. Then head to the nearest club and have some fun dancing and drinking shots. The ultimate wrap for your party night is a strip club or a lap-dance club. Here you will add some sexual notes to your weekend and enjoy the sight of gorgeous women.

Willing to have even more fun? Bratislava has lots of activities to offer. You can try carting or rafting, go to the beer bike tour and even shoot from AK-47!In this city, you can also find mud, jelly or oil wrestling and enjoy this sexy action. And gamblers will find loads of fun in local casinos. Bratislava is a great destination if you want to party without any limits.

Things to know about Bratislava

Although, it is fairly unnecessary to stay here for any longer than a few days, there are lots of interesting and engaging things to do in this city. Of course, you can continue trying out local bars and restaurants, but in terms of sightseeing, you will be able to visit all the interesting attractions within two days.

Here is a great option – besides Bratislava, try including Vienna and other nearby Central European cities in your itinerary. The trip will take only an hour by a train or a river cruise ship. So, you should take this opportunity and visit the elegant capital of Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. You can spend a day in Vienna and come back to Bratislava for some nighttime fun.

What to visit in Bratislava?

3 Amazing Reasons to Visit Bratislava

Most tourists spend their time in the Old Town. This part of the city is truly charming and has a unique atmosphere. Here you will see the main square, beautiful St. Martin’s Cathedral and old Town Hall. Just walk around the Old Town without any guide and enjoy the architecture around you. It is the best way to find urban amenities that might be interesting for you.

During the Christmas time, the Old Town is especially fascinating. There are festive markets where you will find tasty food, mulled wine and a lot of adorable souvenirs and other cute Christmas-themed souvenirs. Also, this place gets even more beautiful when decorated with lights. So, if you are looking for some holiday mood – Bratislava is a place to be.


Walking through the city, you will discover a lot of unusual statues, beautiful buildings, and churches. This is the best quality of Bratislava – it is nice to wander around the streets and have some peaceful time in local restaurants during the day. But in the night the city turns into a huge party so prepare to have the time of your life!

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