5 Reasons to Join the Watch Gang
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5 Reasons to Join the Watch Gang

This post is sponsored by Watch Gang, and all opinions are entirely my own.

5 Reasons to Join the Watch Gang

Are you someone that loves watches like myself? Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a fascination for watches. Honestly, this is something that was instilled in me by my father. Now that I’ve gotten older, there’s so many different kinds of watches I’d love to have. Fortunately for guys like myself, there’s a place to get a variety of watches to my liking. Watch Gang is the world’s #1 watch club for men and offers members the opportunity to grow their watch collection and discover unique brands and styles at incredible value. Watch Gang offer 3 membership tiers, which is something for all tastes and budgets: $29 Original Tier offers stylish and fashionable watches worth$50-$150 in value; $99 Black Tier offers affordable luxury watches worth$150-$500; $299 Platinum Tier offers super luxury watches worth $500-$1500.

5 Reasons to Join the Watch Gang

Watch Gang only sources authentic, high-quality watches from reputable companies and watchmakers. Every watch comes with an 100% authenticity guarantee and is guaranteed to be worth up to 5x the price of the membership. Are you someone that loves watches? These days we have a variety of Watch Gang would be the perfect place for you to enjoy some of the best watches in the world. Checkout 5 reasons why you should sign up with the Watch Gang.

Get Watches Monthly

5 Reasons to Join the Watch Gang

Just think about it? You will receive a new watch every month you’re a member. As mentioned above, there’s three different membership tiers depending on your budget. Either way, you’ll get a watch 5X worth your membership. If you’re only paying $29 a month, which is the Original Tier your watch could be worth up to $150.

Chance to Win Watches

Are you a fan of Tag Heuer and Rolex watches? Every week, ALL members of the Watch Gang have a chance to win a watch twice a week. Every Tuesday, you have a chance to win a Tag Heuer and on Fridays you have an opportunity at the Rolex watch.

Get Only the Best Watches

5 Reasons to Join the Watch Gang

By joining the Watch Gang, you get only the best watches. Watch Gang only sources and partners with authentic, high-quality watch companies.

Access to Other Members

Do you have a Facebook account? As a member of the Watch Gang, you gain exclusive to a private Facebook Group with over 27K members. As a member of the Watch Gang Exchange, you’ll be able to either sell, buy or trade with other members.

Win More Watches

You can win more watches by having some fun. You will get access to the Wheel of Watches and spin the interactive wheel. The wheel is filled with watches that you choose and have a chance to win a Grail (Tag, Rolex, etc.).

5 Reasons to Join the Watch Gang

My watch is a Fortuna Chronometrie and I absolutely love it.If you love watches, sign up right now and get 10% off your order by using code TRAVISW10.

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