How Much Do You Tip for Restaurant Food Delivery?
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How Much Do You Tip for Restaurant Food Delivery?

How Much Do You Tip for Restaurant Food Delivery?

There are standards that are pretty well established for tipping your waitress or waiter when you go out to eat at a restaurant. The general percentage for tipping if you are served is 15% of your meal. Some standard rules for the 15% are:

  • If you go during happy hour or have a gift card, you should tip based on what the full total of your meal would have been, if you’d paid or paid full price.
  • You should tip 20% if the service was very good; if the waitress or waiter made you laugh or feel very comfortable or went out of their way to serve you. If the servers seem short-staffed or it’s a holiday, it’s also recommended that you tip extra during this time.
  • It’s okay to go below 15% if you feel that the service was below the usual standard, or if you were treated rudely for no logical reason.
  • It’s standard for many restaurants to put a gratuity of 18% to your bill, if you are eating in a large group.
  • People who have worked in the restaurant industry often tip very well, beyond 20%, because they understand the difficulties and what servers go through.

While all of this is pretty standard and makes sense for being served, does the same kind of thing apply, if your food is being delivered?

Tipping for Delivery Isn’t Very Clear

Unfortunately, while there’s a general rule of thumb for tipping when you sit down at a restaurant, there is not an overall standard for tipping for food delivery with WaitrApp–and the most common time this sticky situation comes up is when the pizza delivery person arrives at your door.

Often times, people apply the same amount: at the very least, 10% of the total bill, with 15% and up to 20% if there was anything about the situation that made the delivery difficult, such as your house is hard to find, is up a long hill and it’s winter, or you live in a big apartment complex . These percentages also apply if you got any deals or discounts on your food, and you should tip as if you got your meal at the regular price.

A pretty common guideline that’s often offered is:

  • 15% regular service, $2 at the least
  • 20% great service
  • 10% or even less if the service is poor
  • At least 10% if the order was $50 or above

The Bottom Line for Tipping the Delivery Person 

Bottom line is, tipping for delivery isn’t as easy to determine as other kinds of tipping, because there are a lot of factors involved. If the size of your order is pretty small, and you’re within a couple miles of the place, 10% will probably be enough. However, you probably shouldn’t go lower than that, unless the delivery was especially bad.

If it’s more than a couple miles, your place is difficult to get to, or you have a large order, you should tip 20% or even more. There is one thing that’s sure: you should indeed pay a tip to your delivery person. Restaurants that conduct delivery give minimum wages, and the staff will be just as reliant on tips.

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