Daddy's Moving Challenge: Where To Start Fixing After Your Move
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Daddy’s Moving Challenge: Where To Start Fixing After Your Move

Daddy's Moving Challenge: Where To Start Fixing After Your Move

In reality, nobody wants the entire process of moving. That’s because it can be exhausting, overwhelming, and stressful. However, by reviewing the list of things to do and fix after your move can make the task of relocating so much easier. Read on this article as we’ll provide a simple guide that will help you know where to start fixing after your move.

1. Change the locks.

You might have no idea if a stranger has keys to your new home. That in mind, the first thing you should do after you move in is to call a locksmith and have those locks changed as soon as possible. Find an affordable locksmith who is willing to make a home visit and check your locks. After moving, it can be the best time to ensure the security of your new home by changing the locks.

2. Set up your new home’s security features.

In addition to changing your locks, it’s essential to set up your home’s security system. This will not only secure your dwelling place, but it’ll also give you the necessary peace of mind. Walk through around the house and check if it already has the equipment installed. If not, look for companies that can install security alarms and other related features. Doing so will give you extra comfort at night.

3. Check and replace the filters.

Most homes have many filters. These are the aeration filters located in the kitchen, bathroom, air filters in the heating and air-conditioning units, and the vent filter above the stove. Once you arrive into your new home, find time to check these filters and get them replaced immediately. Changing your screens when you move in can be beneficial as it prevents the accumulation of sediment over the years.

4. Inspect for plumbing leaks.

Although your home inspector has checked your new home before moving in, you still have nothing to lose if you double-check. That said, watch out for running toilets and dripping faucets. If you have a water heater, make sure to check any signs of a leak. Moreover, inspect your water meter if it’s leaking. If you find some leaks in your plumbing system, get your plumbing tools and get it fixed by yourself. However, if you feel that calling for a professional plumber is more helpful, then do it as early as possible.

5. Get to know the location of your circuit breaker box and main water valve.

When moving into your new home, it’s essential to introduce yourself to the main water valve and the circuit breaker box. After all, you’ll want to figure out how to switch off your main water valve when an emergency arises or when you’re going for a vacation. Just know the location of the valve as it might be inside or outside your house. When it comes to your electrical wirings, it’s wise to know which fuses regulate the parts of your home. Once you become familiar with them, don’t forget to label them accordingly for easy access. If you’re moving into an older home, you may want to upgrade your breaker/service box to prevent outages and improve safety. You should contact Milwaukee Electrical Service Panel Upgrade specialists to get an estimate on the costs and improvements this upgrade would bring.

6. Clean the house.

After moving, it’s a good idea to give your new space a thorough cleanup. When the whole place is empty, you might discover every flaw and mark in it which makes it difficult for you to fill it with your stuff. Before moving your furniture in, steam clean carpets on your own. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, you can rent or borrow one from a friend. Another cleaning task to do after you move in is to wipe out your cabinets with a non-toxic cleaner. Be sure to do this before moving in your bathroom supplies and dishes. Also, don’t forget to wash the windows and vacuum the floors.

7. Plug in home appliances.

Once you arrive into your new home and move in your appliances with the help of the expert movers for family, make sure they are all plugged in and working. While moving out, some people unplug their appliances and turn them off. If you’re too busy unpacking other stuff, you’ll not know that they’re not working unless you check. So, make an effort to plug your appliances in once you get settled in.

8. Set up sleeping arrangements.

After moving, the first furniture piece that you should set up is your beds. Hence, don’t wait until midnight just find out you can’t locate the screws of your bed and your bedding or pillows. Make sure to establish sleeping arrangements once you arrive so you and your family can have a good sleep during that night.


After moving, it’s always important to make your new space feel like home. With this simple guide at hand, we hope you’ll be able to figure out the things you should do or fix once you move in. Moreover, if you’re relocating from or to New York City, everything will be working to your satisfaction with the assistance of professional Movers NYC.

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