7 New Virtual Reality Tools Every Cool Dad Should Know
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7 New Virtual Reality Tools Every Cool Dad Should Know

7 New Virtual Reality Tools Every Cool Dad Should Know

Virtual reality is a medium that can be used to inspire a lot of creativity. Many applications can be used to create art through painting, sculpturing and building 3D model characters. These models can even be used in other applications. Many companies such as rendersmart.com.au are tapping into the 3D modeling experience because it gives customers a virtual visual experience before they buy products and services. As a dad, being conversant will the current virtual reality tools for modeling and painting will help you further improve the painting and modeling experience of your children. Hence, here is a list of tools that you should know

1. Unbound Alpha

Unbound Alpha is one of the newest tools in the virtual reality playing field. It was released last year in January; hence, it is still considered timely access software. This means that it is still in development. However, Unbound Alpha will help you as an artist to create three-dimensional sculptures together with other users. This means that you and your children can even create art collaboratively using Unbound Alpha. Another added advantage of using this tool is that it gives you the option of transferring your creations to 3D printers and OBJ files. Therefore, this is one tool that you should look out for as a dad.

2. Google Tilt Brush

The Google tilt brush app is a tool that will give you versatility as an artist, designer, painter, dancer, and cartoonist. The app was commissioned by Google for the Artist in Residence Program. The designs in the app are also awe-inspiring. These designs have been posted on the Google Virtual Arts Experiments blog. Apart from painting, the tilt brush will also give you options to design other sets. Overall, the Google Tilt brush allows you to paint in a three dimensions space inside a virtual reality world. It also allows you to use different brushes that can help you create interactive art or animated GIFs. You can even walk around the art you create and share the masterpieces as room-scale VR.

3. InMind VR 2

The chemistry behind human emotion guides the InMind VR 2 educational tool. InMind VR 2 is set behind the brain of a teenage boy called John. The tool was inspired by the theory of Lovheim of emotions as well as the favorite Disney animated movie called Inside Out. With this tool, you will get a chance to control the feelings of John by catching the right neurons through shaking John’s head. The act of shaking John’s head causes the molecules to control the reaction of John with regards to the situations that surround him. Therefore, as John grows to be an adult, the emotions shape his future. InMind VR 2 will help your children learn to study emotions and the effect they have on their future.

4. Oculus Medium

If you and your children love character artists, this is the virtual reality tool for you. This tool allows one user to create, sculpt, model, and paint objects in a virtual reality environment. It uses Oculus Touch controllers together with the Oculus Rift. The Oculus medium will also give you the option of creating complex structures because of the hundreds of prefabricated stamps you can choose. You can even choose to export high mashes for three dimensions printing and modeling. Also, the prefabricated stamps are inclusive of letters, primitive shapes, anatomy, numbers and a variety of widgets. After creating your sculpture, you can save it on the Oculus community site and share it with other sculptures.

5. Titans of Space

Titans of Space is an interactive virtual reality tool that is useful for teaching your children the solar planet. The tool will give you a complete tour of the stars in the galaxy and the planets as well. The tool also has compelling visuals coupled with great music that makes learning regarding the solar system more interesting for children. To make the experience more realistic, the developers of Titans of Space shrank the sizes of the planets to one-millionth of their actual size. Therefore, a planet like earth will seem to be the size of a tiny house or a holographic ball that is slightly above twelve meters wide. Another advantage of using Titans of Space is that it allows you to personalize the tour based on your preference because it is self-paced, and it has many options.

6. Discovery VR

On cable TV, the discovery channel has become the source of science-related information for over thirty years. Discovery VR will give you a similar experience in a manner that is more immersive. With this tool your children can learn about science by choosing from shows such as DNews Labs, Lets Go Places Florida, Discovery Atlas and Discovery Presents. Also, this tool will let you watch these videos on your desktop if you have a compatible browser. Thus, it is convenient for use in the house.

7. Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch started as a virtual reality sculpting tool used for shoe designers and cars. However, it has a potential for grace and solidity that models created by Google and Oculus tools lack. Thus, it is just as usable for sketching and modeling. Children can use this tool to draw freehand in three dimension using smooth curves. They can then extrude surfaces into the 3D space, or they can opt to eject as they draw around central access. You and your child can even use both controllers together to create a surface. The experience is like pulling a ribbon through the air. Also, it is easy to grab and move points so that you can adjust the splines. Gravity sketch, additionally, has new features such as the taper mode. The taper mode will allow you to draw any length of stroke with tapered ends. Other tools allow you to include a group or not, the depth of the field, the square shot, and the draw and edit option.


Though it might seem daunting at first, using virtual reality tools is easy. Also, many of these tools provide guidelines and help forums to get you and your children started.

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