Pros and Cons: Things You Need to Know About Stucco House Finish
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Pros and Cons: Things You Need to Know About Stucco House Finish

Pros and Cons: Things You Need to Know About Stucco House Finish

You may think of fiber-cement, vinyl, or plywood, after hearing the word house siding. However, there is a unique form of siding that has been around for centuries, which give you that stylish and a sui generis vibe. Called as a stucco finish, stucco homes surely do stand out from the rest of the neighborhood due to their attractively seamless walls and subtle colors.

But, what do you know about stucco finish? Surely as a homeowner, you would want to know the facts and information you could grasp, especially if it is about your own home. Now, if you are on your way to make a home renovation or house buying, consider this article as one of your guides in choosing the right house finish for you.  Inspect thoroughly the following benefits and drawbacks of a stucco siding to see if it is the right one for you.

What is Stucco Finish?

First off, you need to know the basic facts of what a stucco finish is before knowing its pros and cons. So, what is it really? The stucco looks like clay or cement, it is the oldest types of siding material in the world which consists of two types: the traditional and the remodeled stucco. The traditional type is made up of sand, lime, and water. On the other hand, the modernized stucco which is commonly used nowadays in today’s construction is composed of Portland cement, sand, and water.

Stucco goes a long way down in history, in fact, this siding was widely used over a thousand years ago in ancient Greece and is still being used up to this date although it is modernized. This is considered as the outermost layer and is a thin finish coat which is severally applied to a building using a wired framework.

Should You Consider Stucco?

Pros and Cons: Things You Need to Know About Stucco House Finish

After knowing what a stucco finish is, why should you consider having it? Here’s why using stucco on home offers plenty of advantages to the homeowner. Benefits such as versatility, durability and cost-effective are one of its advantages.


Of course, as a homeowner, you would want your house to be durable as long as it could possibly be, and stucco finish offers the durability that you are looking for if it is done right. in fact, stucco is fire resistant which makes it a great building surface and could be added to almost any surface whether it might be wood or brick or anything else.

In addition to this, stucco finish is resistant to mold, rot, impact, and termite infestation. However, take note that its durability depends on local climate conditions, and its life expectancy has an estimated lifespan of minimum 50 years with 100 as the longest.


As you might have read beforehand, the materials for stucco finish are easily obtained from local sustainable resources. On the other hand, the modern stucco is applied over foam insulation that creates a weather-proof seal which can dramatically reduce your indoor energy use making it earn points for being eco-friendly.

Color Retention and Texture

The pigment blended into the stucco finish is long lasting which makes repainting unnecessary to be done frequently. Also, the stucco can be applied by the choice of the texture you would want to give your home to have a unique and seamless look.

Sound Resistance

Stucco siding shields your home from the noises outside your home, which is a major advantage if you live near a busy street.

What are the Drawbacks of Stucco?Pros and Cons: Things You Need to Know About Stucco House Finish

Now that you know the advantages of having stucco as your home finish, surely you would want to know the things that set a drawback for choosing stucco for your home. Here are some of the drawbacks that stucco has which you need to consider.


Stucco finish costs more than some other types of home sidings. It may be cheaper than the brick or stone, but it is costlier than the wood and vinyl siding. While the materials are supposed to be inexpensive, it is the application of the process which makes it costly since it requires several layers. So, if you are buying a new home and thinking of the cost of having to add Stucco as a finish, then it could be a good idea to think about adding it into the cost of the mortgage.

You could look at a site like MortgageCalculator.Org to see what would work for you, because of course, it only makes sense to borrow what you can afford to pay back each month. You could find that more affordable than having to do a lump sum of money for the siding. As a result, that could be worth doing if you think that Stucco is the way forward for you.


Remember the previous statement about its durability? It was stated beforehand that it depends on your local climate. Why? It is because stucco does not work well in wet climates since water might seep inside its concrete-like shell through a crack or joint.


It is important that you know what you are getting on choosing your house finish. As for stucco, there might be the advantages that might be beneficial for you and disadvantages that you could live with. However, you should consider asking for professional help such as from the Madani group painting and stucco coating for more information about this type of coating.

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