10 Neutral Details that Will Transform Your Home
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10 Neutral Details that Will Transform Your Home

10 Neutral Details that Will Transform Your Home

Most people perceive interior design as a radical method of changing the living space. However, any interior designer will tell you that inconspicuous details are the ones that determine the final look of any room inside the house or an apartment. When enough of neutral features accumulate in a given room, its overall atmosphere changes without any major interventions or renovations. “Still water runs deep” is the adage that best describes how interior design works since steadfast changes have the potential to completely transform your home over time. In fact, here is a list of the topmost 10 neutral details that every homeowner can apply in each of the rooms.

The Living Room

10 Neutral Details that Will Transform Your Home

1. A big mirror

People who live in mansions have no problem when it comes to furnishing the living room as they are super large. In reality, the living room in an average apartment is not that big but it has one feature that can make it appear larger in size. Instead of an average-size mirror put the biggest one you can find to make the room appear not only bigger but brighter as well. The reflection off it gives out the sense of spaciousness.

2. A rug in the center of the room

Carpets and rugs may appear old-fashioned but the can completely transform the look of the living room. Opt for a bright and bold color, like red or orange and you’ll see how people who walk in immediately notice the change. No matter what the color of the walls is, a colorful rug will usher in a new ambient that will be more cheerful than the old one.

3. A provisional greenhouse

The proper place for a full-scale greenhouse is outside. However, indoors, and especially the living room, could benefit significantly from a provisional garden in the corner of the room. Choose a place under the window and put several flower pots with small and big plants alike. The room will act as a greenhouse in which temperature is well-regulated and the outside cold cannot damage the leaves.

4. Texture transition

Although we recommended using a large mirror, this doesn’t mean that the entire living room should be shiny and glossy. In fact, there should be several textures inside the rooms, so there is a constant transition. For instance, the couch could be rough to touch, while the coffee table next to it should have smooth surfaces. Further on, the lamp can have grooves in the cover, while the wall behind could have Spanish knife wall texture.

The Kitchen


1. LED lighting

This feature has become widely available thanks to the advancement of modern technology. LED strips can be purchased pretty much at any DIY store and they can be glued or installed, depending on the type, under and on several surfaces in the kitchen. Most popular spots are under the counter top, under the kitchen table, on top of the cabinets and under the cabinets, so as to shine onto the counter top. Just don’t forget to buy a bold color, like purple, navy blue or red. Such light is subtle and doesn’t interfere with conventional lighting but it ushers a completely new atmosphere into the kitchen.

2. Floor mats

The floor is the part of the kitchen that few people turn their attention to. This is because they don’t expect to see much apart from the tiles, so placing a mat is an ideal solution for slippery floors that will improve the kitchen’s design. Such purposely designed kitchen mats come in different colors but they are all resistant to grease which makes them ideal for the room in which all the cooking takes place. If you worry that the mat won’t fit into the bathroom décor, rest assured, because they can be personalized to match any person’s preferences.

3. Prevent fingerprints on cabinets

In order to open a cabinet door, you have to grab the handle, if there is one. If there isn’t one, then you directly touch the door surface, leaving your fingerprints all over it. Over time, smudges such as these can make your kitchen look messy. The decision to install glossy or matt cabinet doors might not seem as a big issue but once you think of the upkeep, matt becomes the obvious choice. It doesn’t show fingerprints on the surface, so the kitchen will appear significantly tidier.

The Bathroom

10 Neutral Details that Will Transform Your Home

1. Decorate the walls

A bathroom is hardly the space in the house suitable for hanging up pictures but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be adorned with some artwork. In fact, a stick-on poster here and there tastefully placed can change the entire space. There are door and wall decals ideas available, so you will not have a hard time choosing the right image. Just make sure that the color scheme matches your bathroom décor.

2. Towels of the same color

Regardless of the towels you own right now, if you want to spruce up the bathroom discreetly, the best way to achieve this is to have matching towels. People often forget the size hand towels and bath towels have when hung from a towel warmer. If they are of a different color, like brown or black, then the design of the entire bathroom gets compromised. Buying a set of good-quality towels is not that expensive, so pair up your towels.

3. Storage units

A bathroom is not a storage room but there are still things that we want to keep away from water. How we store things is not unimportant, as cabinets and baskets should complement each other. For instance, large woven baskets can be found in any color nowadays, so use them to store dirty laundry or spare toilet paper rolls. Even the cloth used to cover them up can be of the same color, as every little detail counts in interior design.


As you have realized by now, small changes that you make to your living room, kitchen, and the bathroom can make a big difference in terms of design. There is no need to be tacky and to overspend as carefully introduced neutral details can have a tremendous effect on the overall atmosphere of each room.

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