5 Things To Do When Preparing A Long-Distance Move
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5 Things To Do When Preparing A Long-Distance Move

5 Things To Do When Preparing A Long-Distance Move

When you’re moving a hundred miles away from your current location, you need to do careful planning and preparations to make the transition stress-free and straightforward. And from the time you find out you’re relocating, you have to list down all the things that need to be done to have a successful relocation. Here are five things to do when preparing a long distance move.

1. Come up with a moving plan.

Now that you know you’re moving in a long distance, it’s time to make a plan so you can keep track of all the things that need to be accomplished. If you want to stay organized, you can jot down all moving – related tasks you need to do before the moving day. By doing it, you’ll never miss anything out. Below are the things you need to include in your moving checklist:

  • Set up a budget – From buying all the packing supplies to hiring professional movers, you should set aside a considerable amount of budget to cover all the moving expenses.


  • Know your moving schedule – Long distance moves are complicated, which is why you have to schedule it ahead of time. If you’re moving to cities like New York City, it’s important to reach out to moving companies NYC in your area to schedule your relocation. By calling out movers beforehand, you don’t need to worry about hiring professionals at the last minute.


  • Inform important parties – If you want a worry-free long distance move, find time to notify all the parties about the transition. You can start by changing your address and updating your credit cards, subscriptions, and bank accounts.


  • Turn on utilities in advance – To make sure you’ll not have a difficult time moving, call your utility service providers in advance to get your electricity, water, and Internet set up before you arrive.


  • Buy enough packing supplies – You need to get necessary supplies before packing up all your belongings. For the moving boxes, you can go to a nearby store to ask for some free boxes. Also, if you want to save on your packing supplies, you can use old blankets or sheets instead of buying bubble wraps and other moving materials.

2. Downsize.

Making a long distance move will require you to spend more money on the items you intend to bring to your new location. If you don’t want to end up paying more cash, it’s wise to go through all your stuff and get rid of everything you don’t need anymore. Think about having a garage sale or donating some items to a local charity to cut down your possessions. That way, you can keep money in your pocket for moving a few boxes to your new home.

3. Buy moving insurance.

If you’re relocating hundreds of miles away, make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage to cover all your belongings in case an accident may happen. Whether you’re hauling several valuable items or not, know what your existing insurance policy covers and doesn’t cover. Discuss with your agent to determine whether your insurance coverage includes damage or loss that may happen during the move. However, you should remember that most moving companies provide limited insurance options so you may plan to buy comprehensive coverage to protect your stuff.

4. Pack in advance.

Don’t wait until the last minute before you pack your stuff. If you’re looking for a smoother and faster relocation process, you need to pack up your belongings ahead of time. Make sure you have a packing room to pile up your moving boxes. From there, start boxing up all your stuff by room or by items which you least use first. Once you’re done, label the boxes and list down all the contents. That way, you don’t have to go through each box to find the item you need at the moment.

5. Hire a reputable moving company.

When preparing for a long distance move, it’s a good idea to look for a professional moving company that will handle the entire process. Research moving companies and get at least three estimates for you to have an accurate price for your relocation. Before you book your long distance move, get to know your potential movers’ reputation and years of experience and make sure you hire a well-trained moving crew on your moving day.


Keep these five tips in mind, and your long distance move will not be a disaster. With proper planning and preparations in place, you can make your entire moving experience a big success. If you’re planning to move across a city like NYC, seek help from Movers NYC to have a safe and hassle-free transition.

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