7 Tips to Build A Modern Bathroom
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7 Tips to Build A Modern Bathroom That Suits Your Family’s Needs


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is a room where most of us start and end the day. The bathroom has had the potential to set the tone of the day since that is well the day begins. It is estimated that an average person spends one and a half years of their time in the bathroom. There are people, especially artists, who find inspiration when taking a shower. It is common to hear musicians say that an idea to write a particular song came to them when in the bathroom. The bathroom is also a room where one can rehearse for an important presentation such as a job interview. The bathroom also sets the tone for the house. A well-designed bathroom with great artwork, candles, can make your home appealing.

A bathroom is also a safe place where most of us enjoy solitude. It is a common behavior that when someone is in the bathroom, no other person should enter. A bathroom, therefore, gives someone a safe place to unwind the stresses they might have while taking a hot shower. So, the bathroom is not just another room in the house; it is a prominent place that needs to be maintained in excellent condition.

Whether building a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, there are reasons which can make you arrive at such a decision. A well-built and designed bathroom can raise the value of your home in case you want to sell it. Therefore, people need to start raising the value of their homes by in investing bathrooms with unique designs. One might also build or remodel a bathroom to fix things such as broken cabinets, damaged tile or a leaking shower. Since the bathroom is an important room in the house, it is a place that deserves to be 100 percent efficient at all times.

A bathroom needs to offer comfort and therefore deserves to have the right ambiance. By building a bathroom, you should have a space that you can treat as your personal space. When building a bathroom, you should ensure that all components are in balance and that they complement each other for you to get the ambiance you are looking forward to. Some of the areas that deserve attention include the floor, counter tops and wall tile. Here we’ll look at seven tips to build a modern bathroom that suits your family’s needs.

Bathroom floor

When considering building a modern bathroom, the durability, look, cost and feel of the bathroom should be the key concerns. You, therefore, need to have the right type of flooring material for your bathroom. You will consider the safety of your family as a key factor when choosing the flooring material. You want to avoid the situation where mold will build up on the floor or an extremely slippery floor that might pose dangers to the family. Some of the common choices for bathroom flooring material include ceramic, a luxury vinyl tile, and sheet vinyl flooring. The high quality vinyl flooring has experienced a dramatic climb in popularity in recent years seeing it’s driven by innovation.

Bathroom counter tops

A modern bathroom needs to have the right bathroom counter top. Durability and aesthetics of the counter top should be the key concerns here. When building the counter tops, one should consider factors such as moisture, toiletries, and the cleaning supplies that will come into contact with the counter tops. Some of the top material choices for counter top include marble and granite.

Wall Tile

The choice of wall tile will have a significant impact on the appeal and the ambiance in your bathroom. The wall tiles should complement the flooring material for the perfect ambiance. It is therefore important to choose the best material for the wall tiles. Some of the common tiles used include slate tiles, subway tiles and matte finish tiles.

The layout

When building a modern bathroom, you need to ensure that it is properly designed. You need to consider the plumbing drains, vents, and water lines. For the bathroom, there are 1, 2, or 3 wall layouts. The one wall layout is the most basic and cost-effective design since it involves creating a sink, toilet and shower on the same wall. However, you should note that its layout is very limiting especially when you have a large family. With a two wall layout, there is flexibility since the sink, and the toilet can be built on one wall and the shower or the tub on the other. A three layout is complicated and expensive and will need you to seek the assistance of a bathroom designer or architect to help you avoid making any mistake.

The sink

When creating a modern bathroom, you can consider under-mount or an integral bathroom sink. For under-mount bathroom sink, it is easier to wipe dirt from the counter into the sink and washing it away. However, this under-mount sink might cost more than the integral bathroom. If you have a family, you should ensure that the design features of the sink design meet the needs of all members whether children or adults.


A modern bathroom deserves to have wall mounted lights on each side of the bathroom mirror. The third light should be placed on top, just above the eye level. This design helps to illuminate your face adequately from both sides and above. Such a lighting design also eliminates the possibility of a shadow forming. For general bathroom lighting, ceiling-mounted fixtures are the best. With the right lighting arrangement, your bathroom will become more appealing.


A bathroom should be a must-have in a modern bathroom. A bathtub is not only a focal point in your bathroom, but also adds appeal. In most cases, a bathtub should be free standing. The top material of a bathtub should be a waterproof material such as marble, tile or limestone. For maximum relaxation in the bathtub, you can choose either a whirlpool tub or a soaking tub.


A modern bathroom needs unique designs, and that is why you need to seek the assistance of professionals from Unique Design.

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