7 Ways to Make the Furniture Moving Process as Easy and Safe as Possible
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7 Ways to Make the Furniture Moving Process as Easy and Safe as Possible

7 Ways to Make the Furniture Moving Process as Easy and Safe as Possible

Quite a few aspects of the home-moving process are more difficult and trying than is widely believed, but safely delivering possessions—precious furniture especially—is perhaps the most demanding component of moving. To be sure, if you fail to take several preemptive steps and precautions before transporting your precious furniture to a new home, there’s a good chance that the associated work will become more frustrating and costlier than it would have otherwise been.

The good news, however, is that the home-moving process, when it’s carefully planned and mapped out, is rather straightforward. What’s more is that this point holds true for small items and precious furniture alike. If you’re currently moving, plan to move in the future, or may move in the future (and this latter category includes just about everyone), read on to learn about seven ways to safely transport your precious furniture to your new home!

7. Remove the “Extras”

You can take a big step towards having your beloved furniture arrive safely at its destination by removing the “extras” prior to loading the items into a transport vehicle. Cushions, glass tops, decorative ornaments—any detachable furniture components should be removed and packaged separately. In this way, you can reduce the chances of your furniture suffering aesthetic damage, increase the amount of furniture that can be transported at once, and enjoy a safer overall transportation process.

6. Verify the Integrity—and Suitability—of the Transport

Whether you’re hiring a moving company or planning to transport your belongings personally, it’s imperative that you verify the integrity and suitability of the vehicle(s) that will do the transporting. Vehicles that aren’t padded, feature uncovered or jagged edges, and/or are dirty will probably lead to your furniture being damaged during some portion of the ride. Minimize your stress and maximize the chances of your furniture arriving safely by checking out transport vehicles. And don’t hesitate to speak up if something doesn’t look right!

5. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is an incredibly significant ingredient in the recipe for a successful move. The previously listed tips require planning, of course, but this point refers predominantly to things that often “fly under the radar.” For example, you should try to plan your moving around pleasant weather; it’s easy for furniture to become damaged in the rain or snow. Furthermore, the process of preventing furniture damage in less-than-stellar weather is expensive and taxing. Additionally, if you’re moving to a far-off destination, plan your pit stops, refueling breaks, and hotel stays beforehand.

4. Ask Friends and Family Members for Help

Before your furniture is loaded into a transport vehicle and delivered to your new home, it’ll need to be moved “out of the way.” The reasoning is simple: you’ll need to pack your smaller belongings ahead of time, and movers can more quickly and safely pick furniture up when they don’t need to worry about stepping over other items. And the best way to move furniture “out of the way,” both in terms of one’s health and the condition of the furniture, is by consulting family members and friends. Consider making an afternoon out of it—invite some close individuals over, grab a couple pizzas, and have fun with the moving process.

Doing so beats the alternative, which consists of struggling through the process alone (or with insufficient help) and/or causing moving pros to be delayed.

3. Consult a Moving Company

It should be emphasized that not all moving companies are reliable, and only well-reviewed companies should be hired. However, once a reputable team of focused movers has been settled on, your belongings (and especially your furniture) will be in excellent hands. Moving is like quite a few other activities, including cooking, racing, and acting; anyone can do it, but only professionals can do it well.

Consequently, for a small upfront cost, experienced, goal-oriented movers will safely load your furniture into a protective transportation vehicle, tie your items down, pad them, and carefully drive them to your destination. Then, at this destination, the items will be placed wherever you’d like them to be. There’s no frustration or hassle to worry about.

As was said, only well-reviewed moving companies should be consulted; the effects of doing business with an unreliable moving company are self-explanatory. And if you’re in the market for a top-notch moving company, consider getting in touch with the experts at Platinum Furniture Removalists. The company’s reviews, rates, customer service, and can-do attitude speak for themselves, and should you decide to work with them, your satisfaction will be all but guaranteed.

2. Distinguish Between Furniture and Other Items

Furniture removal specialists will be happy to pack up and transport any and all items, but their strength is, of course, furniture. Try to distinguish between furniture and other items early on, and arrange for “other items,” when applicable, to be personally transported or delivered by a moving company, which is most able, in terms of both cost and skillset, to safely transport delicate and breakable items.

1. Relax

It isn’t difficult to get stressed out about moving. The process is time consuming, costly, and, truth be told, a little bit scary. But once you’re sitting comfortably in your new, carefully furnished home, the journey will prove to have been more than worth it.

In the meantime, for your sake and to the benefit of those around you, don’t think twice about stepping back, taking a breath, and relaxing. Stressing out and making a scene will only render the moving process more difficult for you, your family and friends, and the moving professionals you’ve hired.

Take it easy—you’ll be done before you know it.

These tips are sure to make the moving process easy and stress-free, while simultaneously rendering your furniture as protected and well-off as possible. Thanks for reading, and if you’re in search of excellent furniture movers, be sure to reach out to Platinum Removalists!

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