7 Habits to Teach Young Kids to Have Healthy Mind and Body
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7 Habits to Teach Young Kids to Have Healthy Mind and Body

7 Habits to Teach Young Kids to Have Healthy Mind and Body

There’s not a right way or a wrong way to raise your children so long as they are healthy, happy, and well-cared for. Everyone has their own version of parenting, and their way is what works for their family. Whether they co-sleep or let their kids cry it out, bottle feed or nurse, or they believe in regular date nights or staying home with their kids for the first three years of their life, what works for one family may not work for another. What works for every family, however, is the art of educating children to grow up with a healthy body image and a healthy mind. Here are some of the best habits to teach your children so they grow up healthy in their minds, their bodies, and their spirits.

Be A Good Role Model

Your kids learn from what they see and what they hear. However, they often learn more from what they witness you doing than what they hear you saying. It’s imperative you teach your kids to make good healthy life choices by being a good role model. For example, don’t let your kids hear you ask your spouse if your outfit makes you look fat. Don’t let them hear you put yourself down because of your size or your skin or anything else. In fact, let them see you look in the mirror and smile at your reflection with all its imperfections. Kids learn from you, and you want them to learn healthy habits.

Teach Them Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are the kind of habits you want your kids to see you apply to your own life. Let them see you brush your teeth for two minutes. Let them see you eat a healthy diet. Let them see you work out regularly. Your kids learn healthy habits based on what you make important in your everyday life. You can teach your kids healthy habits by letting them join you. When they see you do things every day, that becomes their normal. They don’t know any different, and they will adopt the same habits.

Encourage Water

Kids are prone to want to drink what’s good, and that’s usually what’s bad. Soda, juices made with so much sugar you aren’t sure you can stomach the sweetness, and other things that aren’t good for them. While they can have an occasional juice box and be fine, you want your kids to grow up drinking water more often than anything else. It is the best thing they can do for their bodies, and it’s easy to drink. Let them see you drink water regularly, and don’t buy anything else to keep in the house. What’s not there cannot be consumed.

Visit Your Doctors Regularly

A healthy body and a healthy mind come easily when you go to the doctor regularly. Call when your kids need their well checks every year. Visit the dentist two times per year to encourage your kids to learn healthy oral habits. Their overall health is directly linked to their oral hygiene. Kids who don’t care for their teeth are at risk for gum disease and periodontal disease. Both are linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancer, of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. While teaching your kids to have a healthy body image is good, teaching them to have a healthy body is also good. Another great idea is to consider a Brisbane psychologist to help your children develop a healthy self-image.

Focus on the Good

A healthy mind and a healthy body image both start at home. If you focus on the positive points of your kids and their lives, they’ll do the same. If you point out their strengths more than their weaknesses, they learn to focus on what they do well and work on what they don’t. When you compliment your kids on how well their read or how healthy they look, they learn to appreciate those things about themselves. A child who lives in a home with parents who focus on the good in their lives is more likely to focus on the good in their own lives. This means they have a better chance of developing a healthy lifestyle.

Promote Good Rest

Sleep is essential to all the body’s parts and pieces. Your brain works better and stronger when you sleep. Getting enough rest can improve your immune system. It can improve your mood. It can make you more productive, and you have more energy when you have a healthy sleep schedule. Kids who have a good sleep schedule and routine at home develop healthier life skills. They have a better outlook on life, too. They are more likely to make better choices, to have more confidence, and to carry on with those healthy habits their entire lives. Check more unique and beneficial sporting activities for kids in this expert article. And pay attention to Kids Academy parenting blog at all.

Be an Encourager

No one develops a healthy body image or mind when they spend their time with people who put them down. When you work on encouraging your kids, you teach them to encourage themselves. You teach them to work harder, try harder, and to be proud of their accomplishments. When you encourage kids, they learn to see themselves in the same light in which you see them. They don’t focus on what’s not good enough. They focus on the fact that while they might not be perfect, they are awesome and capable in many other ways. Kids need to have people encouraging them to reach for the stars. It’s what helps them develop a healthy self-image.


Kids are sponges, and it does well for adults to remember this when they speak and act. Kids model what they see at home, and you are their greatest teacher. If you model a healthy mind and body, they will learn to do the same. Even if you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s important you fake it until you make it so your kids don’t learn from your negative body image. You never want your kids to feel as if they aren’t good enough.

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