9 Possible Destinations for LeVeon Bell
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9 Possible Destinations for LeVeon Bell

9 Possible Destinations for LeVeon Bell

We’ve already talked about the possible destinations for Antonio Brown. We now turn our attention to LeVeon Bell, who didn’t play last season. LeVeon Bell have arguably been the top RB over the last five years. When it comes to Bell, he can beat you by running the ball or catching it out of the backfield. With the year off, will it help or hurt him in the long run? Either way, he’ll have a list of suitors who would love to have him in their backfield. With free agents being able to sign this week, where will LeVeon Bell sign?

New York Jets

The New York Jets are looking to make a splash and it started with a new coach. Josh Darnold will be entering his second season at the QB position. Darnold showed flashes of how good he could be, but he didn’t have a great RB behind him. With the addition of someone like a LeVeon Bell will help the running game and improve the QB play. With Bell, you’re getting a great back and you also get someone that catches a lot of passes out of the backfield. Having an elite RB in the same division with the Patriots will keep Tom Brady off the field a lot.

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are rumored to be in the running for LeVeon Bell. Houston have plenty of weapons on offense, but injuries caught up with them towards the end of the season. They have Lamar Miller, but LeVeon Bell would be an upgrade. The issue with adding Bell to the Texans is how they run their offense. DeShaun Watson plays mostly from the shotgun position and I don’t think Bell is the running back to get handoffs from that position. DeShaun Watson have operated from that position for a long time now and this isn’t a great fit for LeVeon Bell.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts head into free agency with about $110 million dollars in salary cap space. Marlon Mack was a pleasant surprise at the running back position for the Colts. In this league, having two great RBs would be a positive and Mack isn’t a huge hit on cap space. Having LeVeon Bell in the backfield would be awesome for Andrew Luck. If the Colts were to sign LeVeon Bell, Andrew Luck would have another weapon to throw to. Could the Colts make a Super Bowl run if they were to sign Bell?

Philadelphia Eagles

The one thing that’s going against the Eagles and that’s cap space. Seeing that I’m a huge Eagles fan, Howie Roseman is known for working magic when it comes to the salary cap. LeVeon Bell have been teasing that he would love to play in Philly. With the recent signing of Bryce Harper by the Philadelphia Phillies, LeVeon Bell praised that signing. Bryce Harper asked LeVeon Bell to join him in Philadelphia. The one thing that the Eagles haven’t had in a long time and that’s a franchise RB. With the Cowboys and Giants having one, the Eagles need one. This would definitely help Carson Wentz as he’s recovering from his back and knee injuries.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers made a coaching change this offseason and will need to get Aaron Rodgers help. For years, Green Bay have been lackluster at the RB position. This past year, they may have finally found a good one in Aaron Jones. Adding LeVeon Bell to the Packers would give Aaron Rodgers another weapon, but out of the backfield. Green Bay need to get help for Rodgers because this team haven’t looked right on offense for a few years now.

Detroit Lions

We all know that LeVeon Bell played his college ball at Michigan State. If Bell were to go to the Lions, it would be sort of a homecoming for Bell. Detroit have had a plethora of backs during the Matthew Stafford era. Matthew Stafford still have one of the best arms in the league and adding Bell would be beneficial. The Lions have a couple of good WRs but adding Bell could make their offense be one of the better ones in the league. Would Bell consider the Lions as his next home?

Baltimore Ravens

With the news about the release of Alex Collins after his arrest, Baltimore need a running back. For Bell, this would give him the chance to stick it to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The rivalry between the Steelers and Ravens are one of the more intense ones in the league. LeVeon Bell get to battle his former team twice a year and he’ll team with a good, young running QB in Lamar Jackson. The defense of the Ravens is on a Super Bowl level, but the addition of Bell could put them over.

Oakland Raiders

Anytime there’s someone that’s great becomes a free agent, Oakland is always in the mix. Derek Carr can use the help out of the backfield and LeVeon Bell would be perfect. Despite so much criticism, Carr played well last season. With so many draft picks, the Raiders will most likely address the WR position and the defense. LeVeon Bell would help alleviate some of the workload on offense, but will he want to go to a struggling franchise that’s on the move.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay will have a new coach in Bruce Arians. Arians is someone that loves to focus on the running game and Bell would be the perfect addition. The Buccaneers could be the sleeper team because the addition of Bell could change a lot of things. Jameis Winston would benefit a lot from the signing of Bell and Mike Evans could attract Bell. Tampa Bay have a lot of holes in their team but adding a back like Bell would help them control the clock.


Where do you see LeVeon Bell ending up? Where would you like for him to play next season? DO you see one of the nine teams mentioned as one of his destination spots? Leave some feedback below about anything related to LeVeon Bell.

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