Everything You Should Know Before Traveling to Skye

Everything You Should Know Before Traveling to Skye

Everything You Should Know Before Traveling to Skye

We all know the picture of the typical island getaway, as places like Cancun and Miami remain among the most common destinations for spring break travelers and people looking to soak up the summer sun. Summer subscription boxes are full of accessories and products geared towards these very trips. But while there’s nothing wrong with the traditional week of Mai Tais and beach trips, we all sometimes want a little more adventure.


Skye is a beautiful island off the northwest coast of Scotland with a population of just over 10,000 people. It’s a wonderful alternative to the conventional island destinations that offers something for nearly every traveler, making it a popular tourist spot for a variety of reasons.

Getting to the Isle of Skye

Skye is a little further off the beaten path than many other popular destinations, but there are an incredible number of attractions waiting for you after arrival. The isle can be reached by a ferry, which takes roughly half an hour and departs from the mainland.


Where you go once you’re on the island depends on what you want to get out of your vacation. Sleat, a peninsula also called the ‘Garden of Skye’, is a pristine natural area that’s worth spending a few days in before moving on to other areas. Many tourists also choose to visit the Skeabost Hotel, a country resort offering activities like golf and fishing.

Landmarks and Activities

The Isle of Skye is a very peaceful place to relax and simply take in the natural beauty, but there are also a number of interesting places and activities to enjoy across the island. Dunvegan Castle, first built in the 13th century before being remodeled in the 19th, offers guided tours and group visits touring the castle and surrounding grounds.


Those looking for a more active side to their vacation should check out the Cuillin Mountains, which contain trails appropriate for all ages and experience levels. Loch Bay Restaurant, among the island’s most famous destinations, was recently awarded a Michelin Star and shouldn’t be missed by anyone visiting Skye.

Packing for Skye

The island is often chilly and sees a large quantity of precipitation, so don’t forget to pack warmer clothes for your trip if you’re coming from a more temperate region. Temperatures can fluctuate significantly during a single day, so it’s best to bring layers and allow yourself to adjust as the weather changes.


Skye is an ethereal destination with something for every traveler that offers much more than can be experienced in a single short trip. Whether you’re looking for scenic hiking trails, historical landmarks, or just to get away from it all, you won’t be disappointed in the Isle of Skye.

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