Antonio Brown Traded to the Oakland Raiders
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Antonio Brown Traded to the Oakland Raiders

Antonio Brown Traded to the Oakland Raiders

Antonio Brown have been traded to the Oakland Raiders. It was thought of that Antonio Brown would’ve been traded sometimes on Friday. The deal was announced around 1 a.m. in the morning and social media went crazy. Oakland sent a 3rd and 5th round draft pick in exchange for the future Hall-Of-Famer. In addition to being traded to Oakland, Antonio Brown received a new deal also. Antonio Brown will get a 3-year deal worth around $54.1 million dollars with $30.1 million guaranteed. Before the Raiders faced Pittsburgh this year, Jon Gruden had some of the highest praise for Antonio Brown. Gruden talked about how great he was and his magnificent work ethic saying it’s the best he’s ever seen. Gruden went on to say that Brown’s work ethic was better than anybody and that includes Jerry Rice.

How Will This Work for Oakland?

In Antonio Brown, Oakland will get an instant threat on offense. Brown can line up anywhere on the field and create problems for the opposing defense. Since 2010, Antonio Brown have led the league in receptions and yards. During that time, Brown ranked 2nd in receiving TDs, which is a major upgrade for the Raiders. Antonio Brown usually catch over 100 passes and around 1200 yards receiving. Oakland haven’t had a WR to have a 1200 yard season since Jerry Rice in 2002. I’m sure the Raiders isn’t finished making moves because they have the salary cap space. With the Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack trades, they also have a total of 3 first round draft picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. Jordy Nelson was their best WR last year and if they keep him, his production should go up also. Oakland still got to keep their first round picks.

How Will This Help Out Derek Carr?

Derek Carr and Antonio Brown seem to be cool with one another. They played with each other in the Pro Bowl back in 2015 and they seem to form a quick bond. Derek Carr didn’t have a bad season last year, but he just didn’t have any help. Oakland was one of the teams with the most drops and they didn’t have any deep ball threats. I’m sure that Antonio Brown will work out a lot with Derek Carr and the other receivers also. Having a hungry Antonio Brown will be beneficial for the Raider organization because Brown will want to prove his critics wrong. We don’t know if Carr will return to his MVP-like level, but he’ll be a much better QB with the addition of Brown.

How Great Is Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown will turn 31 in July, but he’s still one of the best WRs in the league. To me, Brown is one of the top 3 WRs in the league over the last 10 years. Last year, Brown only had one dropped ball while the Raiders had 22 as a whole. Coming into this season, Antonio Brown have 837 receptions, over 11,000 yards receiving and 74 TDs. In a division with the Chiefs and Chargers, him and the Raiders will have their hands full trying to make a playoff run. Antonio Brown should be a great fit as Oakland was one of the six destinations I had for him.


What do you think about the Antonio Brown trade? How will this trade help out Derek Carr? Will the Raiders be a much better team this year? Leave some feedback below about the Antonio Brown trade or anything related to the Raiders or Steelers.

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