8 Gift Ideas to Make a Dad Feel Special
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8 Gift Ideas to Make a Dad Feel Special

8 Gift Ideas to Make a Dad Feel Special

Having a child, or even being a parent of an older kid is both a challenging as well as a highly joyful affair. While motherhood is highly talked about and celebrated, not many people talk about fatherhood. Being a father has its own set of challenges and should be celebrated as much motherhood. A mother develops an emotional connection with her baby even before he comes into the world because she has the privilege to carry the child in her womb. Even after the birth, the process of nursing the child and playing the role of a primary caretaker strengthens that connection. Fathers on the hand often feel neglected and have to work to build their relationship with the kids over a period of time. In many cases, fathers not only play the role of the primary provider for the child but also help with the caretaking. For some reason, fatherhood is incredibly undermined around the world and deserves to be appreciated.

One of the best ways to make a father feel special is by getting him a gift that he would love. You do not have to wait for the father’s day to appreciate a father. If you are a mommy to his baby, or if he is one of your friends that have recently been a dad, you can make a little effort to make him feel important. If you are a financially independent person, there is nothing like surprising your dad with a little gift that would make him feel special. Although it is much easier to find gift options for mommies, finding a perfect gift for a dad can be really challenging for most people. An ideal gift would be something that he will really cherish and remember for a long time, and there are limited choices when you want to pick things for a man. Here are a few great gift ideas to help you pick the right one.

Cuff Links

It is a myth that jeweled accessories are only for women. There are certain accessories that not only define a man’s class and personality but also stays with him for a long time. Cuff links make amazing gifts, especially for men. Sitting on a tuxedo’s cuff, A classy pair of cuff links make a man stand out and does add to the whole personality. You can choose a pair according to your own budget. There are pricier options such as diamond studded cuff links, or you can go for lower-priced rhinestone ones too. An extra personalized touch can be added by engraving his initials on the cuff links.

Personalized Finger Band

Men’s rings and finger bands are not only a hot trend but are also seen as a status symbol and a symbol of class and sophistication. A finger band is a great keepsake since it is something that will last for a lifetime. Like cuff links, finger bands do not necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune on your present. You can go for something very expensive in gold or platinum or can stick to 925 Sterling Silver in case you are on a budget.


Men’s watches have always been considered as a great gift option. They not only last for a lifetime and exudes a lot of emotional connection. When choosing a men’s watch, it is important that you do consider the style and personality of the person who will be wearing the watch; Men’s watches are available in different price ranges, which allows you to pick one that fits within your budget. You can also start off by researching and reading other customer reviews on the different types of wrist watches that best suits your style and needs. Here are some of the top 5 best mens watches of all time to get started.

Travel Voucher

If you are a son who is planning to surprise your father with a special gift, or if you are a mommy or a loved one to a dad who needs a break, nothing can beat an all-inclusive getaway that will allow him to relax and rejuvenate at a beautiful holiday destination. You do not necessarily have to go for a luxury trip to Cape Town. There are many low-budget tropical destinations such as Thailand that you can opt for.


Men generally love hoarding gadgets and staying up to date with the latest ones in the market. You can gift him a cool gadget or a set of few gadgets depending on his interests and needs. It could be anything from a sophisticated pair of ear pod to a high-end smartphone or a home entertainment gadget.


Daddies work really hard to make sure that the house runs smoothly and kids do not have to struggle or compromise for their basic needs. From the expenses of raising a child at a dependent age to paying college fee at an older age, dads put in a lot of energy to be able to provide a good life for their kids. They often end up compromising on their health and are usually negligent. A FitBit can be an excellent present that will not help him keep his health under watch.


Anyone who drinks and has a taste in breweries will fall in love with a bottle of a nicely packed, beautiful bottle of a fine brewery. You can choose anything from a Champagne to a Scotch or any of his favorite wines. You can throw him dinner or just relax at home with a bottle of wine and have some special time together.

Leather Accessories

Pure leather accessories for men are yet another hot trend and they last for a really long time. You can choose to gift him a leather accessory or a set of different accessories with his name embossed on the accessories. You can opt for laptop sleeves, wallets, card holders, passport covers and a few other accessories depending on their utility to the person who will be using the accessories. You can also go for a leather laptop bag or a dully fledge office briefcase or a backpack.

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