Ultimate Guide to Buy a Graduation Gift for Your Champ
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Ultimate Guide to Buy a Graduation Gift for Your Champ

Ultimate Guide to Buy a Graduation Gift for Your Champ

While the world talks and celebrates motherhood and relationship of kids with their moms in high regard, fatherhood remains the most underrated and neglected subject for some odd reason. Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that a father-son relationship is one of the most beautiful and emotionally tricky relationships. Although, the standard theory is that children tend to be closer to the parent of the opposite gender, yet sons do look up to their fathers consciously or subconsciously as role models or for approvals. Even a friendly hug or a pat on a back can be highly motivating for a son to do better in the future.

One of the most key events in your son’s life would be his college graduation. It is that time of life when your son will be all set to step into adulthood and face the challenges of the real world. Despite being academic in its very essence, college graduation is an important milestone and deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated by a father. If this is the first time you are picking up a graduation gift as a parent, you are likely to be confused about what might be the right present for your son. Here are some great graduation gift ideas that your champ will love.


Most millennials are extremely tech savvy and gadget freaks. It is often considered to be a fashion symbol to own the latest gadgets on the market. Of course, most college grads are not financially stable enough on their own to be able to make such luxurious purchases. Therefore, nothing will make him happier than the latest version of his favorite gadget as a graduation gift. It could be anything from the latest iPhone to a smartwatch to even an ebook reader.

Gaming Consoles

Young adults love gaming to the point that they can play a FIFA game uninterrupted for hours without even bothering about how hungry their stomach might be. You can consider buying one of the latest gaming consoles such as an XBOX for your son.


Watches today are not just a time telling device but are also a symbol of great personality and character. High-end watches have a lot of significance in high street luxury fashion. Moreover, these watches can be passed on from generation to generation as a family legacy. If a watch is on your cards then nothing can beat a Rolex GMT Master ii, something that your son will feel proud to sport on his wrist.

Bachelor Trip

Your kid has put in a lot of hard work, dedication and time to be able to make you proud with his academic achievement and knows that life from here on will be extremely challenging. At this point, he totally deserves a relaxing vacation, where he can get a chance to explore and unwind. You can choose to go for a luxurious Euro trip to Swiss Alps or a backpacking trip to Thailand, whatever fits your pocket.

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