Can a Well-Maintained Backyard Increase the Value of Your Home
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Can a Well-Maintained Backyard Increase the Value of Your Home

Can a Well-Maintained Backyard Increase the Value of Your Home

Every makeover to your home can increase its value and also improve your comfort. And this rule doesn’t apply only to the interior, but it also includes the outside area of your home. The backyard is one of the crucial areas that will determine whether your property will sell or not.

Therefore, investing in the well-maintained backyard can increase the value of your home and here are some suggestions on how.

1. Add a deck

A deck is a wonderful way to connect your interior with the outside area. This will be a perfect place to overlook the whole backyard, enjoy some sun and entertain guests. Since the deck is raised above the ground, buyers will be able to take a look of the entire exterior of your house. You should also make the deck as spectacular as possible. Deck staining is something you can look into because it looks great and enhances your wood finish.

And there are no limits what you can place on the deck from a dining table to hot tub. Wood is the most dominating material for deck building, although stone is also popular especially in Mediterranean style.

2. Invest in landscaping

The backyard is ideal for being creative and landscaping with various materials to create different zones. Start off by building pathways that will lead to a certain area like a garden or summer kitchen from the back door. Pebbles and stone are ideal materials to create the rustic and yet well-maintained look, but you can also use concrete pavement and tiles. You can check out a comprehensive guide as to how much landscaping cost.

Plant the grass and mow the lawn regularly to get the neat look which will add elegance to your property the buyers will admire. A water feature like a small pond or fountain will highlight the nature in your backyard and promote its serenity.

Can a Well-Maintained Backyard Increase the Value of Your Home

3. Take care of trees

Old trees present a hazard for the property so you should cut them down and remove them before you list your house for sale. Concentrate all your attention to healthy trees by performing regular trimming and consulting experts on their proper care. You can always contact the local tree experts for their professional help. If you are in the Fort Worth, Texas area, there are many places to contact for help. Look up Fort Worth arborists for tree care to get the help you need.

Although a tree takes a lot of years to grow, you can add some new plants in the backyard, especially fruits. Dwarf trees are easy to maintain since they come as growing plants that could even give fruits right away. Additionally, you can grow apples, cherries or peaches in pots on your deck or place them in the seating area to decorate the space and give it fruity scents.

4. Create a seating area

The backyard is an ideal place to promote comfort and welcoming atmosphere for members of the household and their guests. The buyers want to know what to expect from your backyard when the weather is nice and showing them to a well-designed seating area will certainly get you points. Think about it as a second living room where you will spend time during warmer seasons, especially summer.

Comfortable sofas with cushions in front of an outdoor fireplace will be attractive at very mention, while soft lights will give an intimate and peaceful ambiance. Use a pergola to shade the area from the sun and the rain which you can decorate with vines, lanterns, and shutters for added privacy.

Can a Well-Maintained Backyard Increase the Value of Your Home

5. Keep it termite-free

Termites are serious problems that can significantly lower the value of your home, especially if not taken care of in time. Once a year, allow termite control inspections to perform detection and extermination to keep your backyard termite-free. However, there are numerous things in the backyard that can attract a termite population and, in the end, lead it to the house.

Wood piles and mulch stored near home are an open invitation for termites when they get damp and wet. To prevent this, store the wood above ground in a waterproof box and instead of mulch use recycled rubber tires. When installing a wooden fence, set the posts in concrete since direct contact to dirt will attract termites and become their new source of food.

6. Build a garden

It’s hard to imagine a backyard that doesn’t need gardening even if it involves trimming the hedges or mowing the lawn. However, buyers like to see freshly bloomed flowers, green scenery and all sorts of colors around the house.

Marigolds have a warm orange color and bloom whole summer, but moreover, they are easy to care for and you can even use them for salads. On the other hand, begonias bloom in the fall and come in all sorts of colors, while primrose will brighten your property during winter. Spring may be the time when nature wakes up, but African daisy and snapdragon will truly make your garden pop.

Can a Well-Maintained Backyard Increase the Value of Your Home


Every detail you improve about your property will help you sell it for a better price. Therefore, having a well-maintained backyard will also increase the value of your home. Pay attention to your budget and do as best as you can to make your backyard shine and be impressive.

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