5 Ways You Can Be A Role Model To Your Children
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5 Ways You Can Be A Role Model To Your Children

Dads, do you ever look at your child and wonder what they will turn out like? Well, it’s a hard truth to get to grips with but, often your child’s behavior and the person they will become is down to you. In fact, as dads, we have a massive impact on how our kids turn out, both as they are growing up and as they become adults, and that is why it is so important to act as a positive role model and lead the family from the front. After all, where you lead, they will follow. A topic that you can find out more about below.

5 Ways You Can Be A Role Model To Your Children

Get your emotional health under control.

Before anything else, it’s worth noting that depression, anxiety, and even suicide affects men of 20-40 years old more than any other group. What the means is that we have an epidemic of poor psychological and emotional health in guys of fathering age. Of course, this is a significant problem because this isn’t something that you want to impact on your kids.

To that end, it is absolutely essential that men understand that mental and emotional health is as important as their physical wellbeing and if they are struggling to reach out for help and support from medical and psychological professionals.

In fact, anxiety and depression are not only ordinary human experiences but also can be largely managed if the correct regime of exercise, diet, medication, and coping skills are applied. Something that can improve the situation no end, and also show your children that there is no shame is seeking help. A lesson that could literally save their lives in the future!

Show them that being active is an essential part of life.

5 Ways You Can Be A Role Model To Your Children

Of course, we all know the benefit of regular social activity. However, after being at work all day, getting to the gym can be the last thing on our mind, especially if we have the additional strain of being woken up in the night by the kids.

Sadly, skipping physical activity and becoming more sedentary in your lifestyle is definitely not an example that you want to set your kids. In fact, it is already well documented that today’s children as more sedentary than those in the past, largely because of computer games, and a more indoor lifestyle.

What this means is that it’s crucial, as a dad that you get involved with physical activity for your kids and make positive memories that will motivate them to keep doing these things over and over again.

5 Ways You Can Be A Role Model To Your Children

Of course, this will be different for each family, and some dads may get involved with their kids’ little league teams, support at track meets, or even take their child to practice on the driving range. Just don’t underestimate the massive effect that a father’s involvement, praise, and positive encouragement can have on a child’s willingness to do physical activity.

Teach them to care for the environment.

Another crucial aspect of leading from the fount as a father is to teach our children to respect and care for the environment. In fact, with the massive issues of fuel scarcity, plastic pollution, and the generally unsustainable approach to how with deal with the Earth’s natural resources, it is our children that will feel the most significant impact.

We, therefore, owe it to them to not only change our own approach to the environment but to teach them how to steward the planet in a much more respectful and responsible way, as well.

Happily, there are many small things that we as dads can do in everyday life that can assist with this. One is to consistently recycle our garbage properly and teach the kids how to do this as well, something that you can even make into a game.

Fixing leaks and drafts around the house together is also a great activity. This is because not only do the kids get to help dad with DIY, but you also get the chance to explain to them how wasteful, such things are and tell why they need to be fixed.

Even petrol head dads can do their bit by taking their kids along when they get an emission test at Telle Tire or a place like it. This being a test that your exhaust is working correctly, minimizing any nasty toxins and pollutants that will be let out into the atmosphere. Something that it is well worth education your kids on.

Demonstrate how to be respectful of others (even if you don’t agree with them).

OK, so this is a hard one, especially for us manly dads that believe its survival of the fittest out there! However, it is possible to do, although you may need to learn to count to 10 first when someone cuts you up in traffic, disrespects you, or is being challenging.

Basically, the idea here is that you show your kids you can stay calm even when someone else is out of line, a skill that will serve them well in their own lives.

After all, what benefit will they get by being reactive and controlled by other actions? In fact, being able to stay chilled can not only help them stay much safer and out of trouble but actually give them the upper hand in conflict situations and allow them to resolve them without aggression and violence as well. Something that makes it a smart lesson for any dad to pass on.

Show them the value of responsibility.

Finally, one of the most important lessons that dads can teach their kids is the value of being responsible. Yes, this can be tough too because we don’t always want to do what we know we have to.

However, showing up even when we have something we’d rather be doing, paying a bill when we have something, we’d rather spend that money on, and going to work on time every day, even though we’d rather have that extra 15 minutes in bed is fantastic way to set a positive example to your children.

After all, we are their dads, and we can have a massive influence on their lives by leading from the front, so why wouldn’t we want this to be as positive possible?

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