Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot and Killed…..RIP
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Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot and Killed…..RIP

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot and Killed…..RIP

While enjoying the last game of the Elite 8, my son hit me with some news. Nipsey Hussle had been shot 6 times and his condition was unknown. A couple of hours later, the news came out that he had passed away. This was shocking because Nipsey Hussle was always doing things for his community. When you catch a Nipsey Hussle interview, you see how intelligent he was. For me, Nipsey Hussle caught my attention on the Crenshaw mixtape, which was amazing. On his track Dedication with Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle said he wanted to be the 2Pac of this generation. In a slight way, not because of his early demise, but his thinking. Like I mentioned before, Nipsey Hussle’s interview are enlightening and motivational and this was before the fame. A lot of people are making about the documentary about Dr. Sebi is the reason he was killed.


I’m not one for the conspiracies, but it’s something to look into. Either way, Nipsey Hussle finally released his major debut album last year with Victory Lap. Victory Lap was one of the best albums last year and was a part of my Mixtape Friday Volume 12. As of late, my Music Monday consists of the top 5 album by some of my favorite artists. With the passing of Nipsey Hussle, this is way more important than my usual stuff for Monday. Check out his video for Dedication above and listen to his album, Victory Lap below. Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his store while talking with fans in his neighborhood. Rest in Peace to Nipsey Hussle Tha Great!

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