Listen to Nas I Am Because It Dropped 20 Years Ago
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Listen to Nas I Am Because It Dropped 20 Years Ago

Listen to Nas I Am Because It Dropped 20 Years Ago

20 years ago today one of my favorite rappers dropped his third album. Nas released his follow up to It Was Written by dropping I Am. When I made my list of my top 5 album from Nas, I Am wasn’t a part of that. Despite that, I Am is one of Nas’s best projects. Initially, I Am was supposed to be a double album, but it was leaked in MP3 format. Nas was forced to create new material and I Am becoming a single album. With all the additional material, Nas dropped another album with that material later that year in Nastradamus. I Am went on to sell around 470,000 copies in the first week and eventually went double platinum. I Am received a lot of positive reviews. Nas is Like was the first single released and it was produced by DJ Premier.

Nas is Like was a dope single and you can tell it Premier was on the beat. The mixing and scratching by Premier to go along with Nas made this track an instant classic. Freedom or jail, clips inserted, / a baby’s bein’ born Same time my man is murdered, / the beginning and end. That was the opening line from the track, and it shows Nas way with words. Nas is Like usually appear on or mentioned as one of Nas greatest hits. The only other single released from I Am was Hate Me Now. The track was dope, but the video got all the attention. Hate Me Now featured Puff Daddy and it showed Nas carrying the cross being crucified. This was another banger from Nas, and the album is great also. Peep the track listing below and check out the stream link also.

  1. Album Intro
  2. Y. State of Mind Pt. II
  3. Hate Me Now ft. Puff Daddy
  4. Small World
  5. Favor for A Favor ft. Scarface
  6. We Will Survive
  7. Ghetto Prisoners
  8. You Won’t See Me Tonight ft. Aaliyah
  9. I Want to Talk to You
  10. Knockboot
  11. Life Is What You Make It ft. DMX
  12. Big Things
  13. Nas Is Like
  14. K-I-SS-I-N-G
  15. Money is My Bitch
  16. Undying Love

What do you think about the I Am album? What’s your favorite track or tracks off I Am? Where do you rank this album amongst all the other Nas albums? Leave some feedback below or on my Instagram page.

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