Encouraging Extra-Curricular Activities For Your Kids
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Encouraging Extra-Curricular Activities For Your Kids

As kids grow, it’s important to give them the opportunities to find out what they might enjoy doing in life, both as a career and in their personal life. Encouraging extra-curricular activities is only going to help their chances of securing jobs and having a fulfilling life. So here are a few ways of encouraging these activities for your kids.

Encouraging Extra-Curricular Activities For Your Kids

Listen to Their Opinions

Kids are clever, and so when they say they want to do something, chances are they do. Of course, there’s going to be things that are a passing phase, but they’re all important for the growth of their personality. So, start off by asking what sort of activities they’d be interested in doing outside of school hours. Perhaps suggest some if they don’t really know. It’s important to listen to their opinions so that they feel valued and confident to express their views.

Trial Classes First

Before signing up to several weeks of classes for that certain activity, you want to make sure it’s something that they actually enjoy. There’s no point in wasting money without their approval. If they don’t want to master how to tie a karate belt, then it’s unlikely they’ll want to do months of karate classes. Trialing classes are something that many will offer free of charge. It’s a fantastic way to see if your kid is enjoying it or not and you’ll be able to tell if they did by their engagement during that trial class. If it isn’t meant to be, then there’s plenty more out there, and your bank balance will thank you for it.

If they don’t like it, then ask them why. It might not necessarily be that they dislike the activity itself, maybe it’s those in that environment that they don’t get on with. If that’s the case then there’s plenty of alternatives, no matter what it is.

Think About Their Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s useful to factor in both your kid’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to picking an activity. Knowing what they are, can help pick something that will either help continue to build a skill or to work on something that needs improving. Weaknesses shouldn’t be seen as a negative, rather than a trait or skill that needs a little help.

Get Excited and Inspire Them

If you’re keen on a certain activity, then it’s important to emphasize and be energetic about trying it out. If you seem bored or lacking interest, then how do you expect your child to take a different approach? As the role model, you need to inspire them and get excited about trying something new. That way, they’re more likely to want to try it and stick with it.

Extra-curricular activities are a huge benefit to kids as they grow up to explore what they want to do in life. It builds friendships, memories and most importantly a capability to be passionate about something. Whatever it is, you want to show that you back them all the way.

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