These Are Definitely A Daddy's Type Of Sport
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These Are Definitely A Daddy’s Type Of Sport

Daddy’s don’t tend to play sports. When a daddy becomes a daddy, the main focus is on staying sane, and staying alive. Nothing can quiet prepare you for the madness of becoming a dad, and you might then wonder how you’re ever going to find the time to also do your own thing, and have your own personal life. Well, we know how immensely important it is for you to have your own personal space, and something that’s going to separate you from the world of being a dad, and allow you an escape.

This is just so good for your mental health, and we just know it’s something that so many people are missing out on at the minute.

Men’s mental health is no joke, with the rate of men committing suicide much higher to women. So take a look at these sports that we’ve got today for you, because we just know that they are a daddy’s sport, and they will suit most of you down to a T. All you’ll need is a few minutes reading time for this one, so sit back, relax, and find a sport that you can love!

These Are Definitely A Daddy's Type Of Sport

A Bit Of Casual Golf

Casual golf never hurt anybody, and we think if there was ever a sport that summed up being a dad, it’s golfing. It’s such a casual sport to get into, and when all you feel like you’re surrounded by is chaos and stress, golf can truly be an escape from all of that. First of all, you’d have to get yourself kitted out, which you can do by going to websites such as You’d then have to think about getting to grips with what you’re doing, which isn’t going to be as easy as swinging the club and hoping the ball flies away.

Going to a driving range and having some lessons is a good way of starting, then when you build your confidence up, you can go round a course with people who are a little more experienced. As long as the weather is nice, this really will be a great sport, and hobby, for you to take up.


Soccer is something that can be played nice and casually, and we just know it suits a dad. This is perfect for the stressed dad who is needing to get rid of any held back aggression, but knows that football is going to be too much of a contact sport. It’s easy enough to get into, and even if you don’t have the skills base at present, you can work your way up until you know what you’re doing. There will no doubt be plenty of teams in your local area that you can find, you just have to find one that’s going to play at your level, which will most likely be basic. If you are wanting to know more about soccer, check out these terms first.


Another chilled out one for you to play, and you don’t even need to join a team to do so. All you need is some sports wear, your own racket, and a place to play it. A lot of gyms and leisure centers will have courts for you to play on, so just find a friend and take them with you!

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