Sade Cherish the Day for Throwback Thursday
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Check Out Sade Cherish the Day for Throwback Thursday

Sade Cherish the Day for Throwback Thursday

One of my favorite singers of all-time is Sade. Let me rearrange that, growing up me and my friends all had the biggest crush on Sade. Honestly, she was the only R&B singer we all would sit around and listen to. Right now, I’m listening to her Best of album and it brought back plenty of memories. Unfortunately, two of my best friends have passed away and this make me think of them more. They shared the love of her and she’s the feature for my Throwback Thursday. There are plenty of songs to choose from but I’m going with the Cherish the Day. The track is featured on her classic, Love Deluxe released back in 1992. Check out the video for Cherish the Life by Sade.

Where are all my Sade fans? Do you remember her and her music? What’s your thoughts about her, the featured track or the Love Deluxe? Leave some feedback below!



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