8 Ways to Use Your Smartphone Camera Everyday

8 Ways to Use Your Smartphone Camera Everyday

8 Ways to Use Your Smartphone Camera Everyday

With our mobile phones always on us and our cameras at the ready, there is more than selfies that they are good for and here are some of the ways you can make the most of that little but ingenious device:

Important Documents

Use your phone to take pictures of your credit cards, your driver’s license, your passport, and your license plate and store them in a secure storage app, like Secret Apps or Lockit on your smartphone. Then when you are buying things online, you can take a look at the photos instead of having to get out your wallet, or when you need your passport number or a copy of it, you can easily find it.

Things You Like

If you have an excellent wine at a party for example that you really like, take a photo with your smartphone so you’ll be able to remember the brand and the year later on or when you see a recipe in on TV or in a magazine that you like, snap a picture with your phone! It is much easier than running to find a pen and paper. Or if one of your friends or family members has a great music playlist, snap a picture of it using your phone. Or when you’re out shopping, and you’re not quite ready to buy, take a quick pic of all the things you like, and it will work as a shopping list for you for next time you go. Also, take photos of the tag, bar code, or product info for items you’re interested in buying as you can often find the same items online for a lower price.


When you’re traveling, take a screenshot of any map routes you might need and save them to your phone. This will allow you to access the directions you need, even if you end up in remote areas with no phone reception. If you’re hiring a car on your trip, take a picture of the vehicle and its license plate as that will be a huge help when checking in at hotels, especially when you need to find it but you can’t remember what it looks like!

Food & Kitchen

If you’ve made a grocery list with a pen and paper (how old fashioned), snap a photo of it to take with you to the shops. Or if you’re shopping for a particular recipe then take a picture of the list of ingredients before you leave the house and you’ll be able to easily reference it while shopping, so you can be sure to have everything you need.


Take a screenshot of your In Case of Emergency contact information, and if you’re going somewhere dangerous or somewhere you might get lost then set the photo as your lock screen on your phone. That way if you are in an accident and incapacitated, someone can easily access your info. According to attorneys from Gray and White Law, you should also take some good photos if you find yourself in a car crash.

They say that the things worth capturing are the position of the vehicles before they are moved, damage to all of the cars and damage to any stationary items such as guardrails or trees. Also take note of the weather and road conditions, traffic signs and lights and skid marks. Take photos of the accident scene from different angles, your injuries at the scene of the crash and then your injuries in the days and weeks that follow.

Important Information

Also keep a photo of your home’s wireless network and password to text to visitors as well as business hours posted on the door of places you go to occasionally, like the library, post office, etc. They’ll come in really handy.

Frequent Purchases

If you always get the same particular items such as printer cartridges, take a photo of them making sure that you can see the model numbers and names. You should also take pictures of all of your appliances, including the manufacturer’s logos and serial numbers, as you never know when you might need them for future service calls. Take a picture of the cable placement on any audio/video gear before unplugging anything so you can put things back in the right place.


Use your phone’s camera alongside the Evernote app to get organized. There’s a great app called Camscanner that turns phone photos into PDF files. Upload the PDFs to your Evernote account. Evernote uses optical character recognition software, which enables you to perform text searches on those PDFs.

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