3 Investment Ideas to Build for the Future
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3 Investment Ideas to Build for the Future

3 Investment Ideas to Build for the Future

For the most part, we all have those 9-to-5 jobs that we probably dread at times. As long as it pays the bills, keep a roof over your head and you’re comfortable we still do it. We all continue to work our jobs but have hopes of making more money while working less. Let’s be honest, we all wish we could invest in something that’ll make you money for us. A lot of rappers and athletes that I’ve idolized or follow on social media provide knowledge about investing. Besides working a full-time job, blogging was my first investment along with my wife. Now that we’re older, we would love to invest in a few things so when we become grandparent one day, we can focus on that. Below are three investment ideas to build for the future.

Investment Property

One of the first things to invest in has been property. Throughout the years, this is something that we all dreamt of getting into. Rental property is something a couple of friends have gotten into and they have said it brings in some extra income. A few years ago, we almost invested in vacation property, but we turned down the offer. Over the years, flipping houses have become popular as you have seen a plethora of TV shows about it. About a couple months ago I’ve gotten with a couple other guys to discuss in a business. The two options have been a place where people can rent the building to host events. Of course, this would require a substantial amount of money. The other is a night spot, but the performance have to be through the roof for us to see a major profit.

Selling Jewelry

My wife and daughters love jewelry and its really popular around this area. Recently, there have been quite a few people that have been selling various kinds of jewelry. My wife has tried to talk me into investing in jewelry also. For me, the only thing that I wear nowadays is my wedding ring and a nice watch. In the 90s, this would’ve been perfect because my jewelry game was always on point. For the ladies now, they love their bracelets as my youngest daughter always wearing them. Erwin Pearl is where you’ll find a bracelet for you or anyone that wears them.

Franchising Restaurant

Let’s be honest, if you build a restaurant people will come! While starting a restaurant would be a great investment you would have to market it to get a sufficient number of people to eat there and make it viable. With all the money being spent to start and market it, that’s a little too much. For me, I’ve always wanted to buy into a franchise because you’re already being part of something that’s established. You can connect with other owners in the franchise to learn more about the business. In addition, you can learn how to get started in franchising, expand your empire, and connect with 20k+ other franchise operators by subscribing to the Wolf of Franchises. Overall, if you’re coming into something that’s already established, that’ll be less money spent on marketing. Hopefully, if you’ve considered this, you can now find the best food franchise that you’re familiar with and invest!

Have you thought about investing in something? What’s something you would invest in if you had the money? What do you think about the three ideas to build for the future mentioned? Leave some feedback or helpful tips below.

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