4 Famous Knife Scenes in Popular Culture Movies
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4 Famous Knife Scenes in Popular Culture Movies

4 Famous Knife Scenes in Popular Culture Movies

Everybody loves watching movies. It presents to us an opportunity to enjoy ourselves, or even unwind after a long day of work. Films come with all types of characters, surprises, and action.

For instance, in action-packed movies, it is apparent that both the “good guys” and the villains will use a variety of weapons to fight or accomplish their primary mission. From guns, bombs, missiles, sticks, knives, martial arts are some of the examples of arms that you can find in the most popular movies.

Today, we will review the use of knives in combat in the most popular blockbuster movies ever created. Here are four knife scenes that knife enthusiast should never miss to see.

1. Commando

When Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in this movie, he was in his prime years. He had a right body mass, young, and energetic enough to make the type of stunts that he made in this movie.

Everybody, especially if you are a 90s kid, this was the movie everybody talked about then. It is merely about an ex-marine who is in the journey to save his only daughter, kidnapped by Bennett. Bennett, who is the main villain in this movie, carries several knives throughout the film.

During the last fight with Arnold, they both get into the action with knives. However, the blades did not last too long on their hands; in fact, Arnold ends up killing him with a steam pipe.

2. John Wick: Chapter 2

In the first series of John Wick, some weird gang murdered his wife, puppy and took his Mustang. The action is full throttle.

On the second chapter, John wick desires to settle with a new puppy and a new modern house on an island. However, Santino decides to interrupt that by attacking his home and bombing it after he refuses to carry out an assignation on Santino’s sister. Now, John Wick is after him.

The knife show comes in when one of the assassins after him attacks him in the subway. Both of them end up with injuries, but Keanu John manages to stab him deep into his chest.

He walks away from the scene with a thigh injury as well.

3. Rambo: First blood

We all know that Rambo was the first one-army movie ever produced. In this sequel, we see a tough John Rambo who is an ex red beret go to look for his friend.

Before he gets there, the sheriff bullies him and arrests him for having a dagger on him. However, after the cruel torture in prison, he manages to escape, runs to the forest and we see his use of various types of daggers throughout the movie.

Of course, he uses it to kill his enemies, treats wounds, and slaughter a snake when it tries to bite him from a tree. He will often use his gun, but his knife comes in handy when he is out of bullets.

4. Magnificent Seven

It is always fantastic when movie directors have to redo movies. The Magnificent Seven is an instance of a film released in 2016 but first came into theaters in 1960.

Our focus is on the new Magnificent Seven movie, which according to many, rose above their expectations. The central scene of attention here, out of the many knife scenes that stood out for me was when Billy Rocks throws a knife at his opponent at a gun contest.

It ends up killing the poor man who was the first to initiate the challenge. Goodnight Robicheaux and Billy ended up winning a massive bet from several spectators at the scene.

Final remarks

The number of knife fight scenes present in modern and traditional films always influences the audience decision on knife buying, especially if they love to collect beautiful collectible knives.


Always ensure that you buy them from authorized dealers to avoid getting fakes.

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