5 Career Paths That Would Have Been Perfect for Me
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5 Career Paths That Would Have Been Perfect for Me

5 Career Paths That Would Have Been Perfect for Me

Are you on the right career path? Are there any career paths you wish you chose now that you’re older? As we get older, there are things we wished we could’ve done when we were younger. For me, the first thing to come to mind is turning down the Navy. It’s one of the things that used to bother me, but I probably wouldn’t have my kids now. My wife and I didn’t meet each other until two years after graduating high school. My intentions were to go to the Navy immediately after graduating, but it didn’t happen. Throughout the years, there have been other passions or careers that would’ve been perfect for me. Below are five career paths that would have been perfect for me.


Of course, we all wish to be a famous baseball, basketball or football player. As a youngster, my life revolved around playing sports year round. Now that I’m an adult and have a blog, you see that some things never change as I cover sports a lot. Unfortunately, a series of knee injuries forced me to retire from sports as a kid and left me thinking what could’ve been.


I’ve always had a love for kids even before my little ones were born. We all know that education have always been and will be the future of this country. Nowadays, there’s so many resources to help you become a teacher. If you have small kids and want to homeschool them, there’s also several resources for that. If you have little ones, click here now to check out some fun, educational home activities. Being a great teacher can motivate kids to be a better version of themselves. Till this day, my 1st grade teacher is one of the most influential people to ever come into my life.

Real Estate

Throughout the years I’ve been told that my personality is one of my strong suits. Real estate would’ve been a perfect career to take on and something my family has said that I could’ve done well. When it comes to selling property, my vision is more worldwide than in just Georgia. When you take a look at so many ocean front properties all around the world, that intrigues you. Seeing that the Bahamas is one of my dream destinations, I’d love to sell property there. Have you checked out how beautiful that place is? Have you ever visited the Bahamas? Check out the Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas to get a view how beautiful that country is.

Construction or Builder

One of my hidden passions have always been building things. In high school, my Construction class was one of my favorite electives besides gym of course. We had the opportunity to build a little storage building and that had me hooked. After high school that was one of the jobs I had applied for everywhere, but they always said I was too young. It would’ve been pretty cool to even travel around the world or country to help build things. Some of the most beautiful buildings that I would’ve love to help put together can be found here: https://www.bciworldwide.com/portfolio/. Look at those amazing buildings and tell me that you wouldn’t love to be a part of that.


I’m very fascinated when it comes to the unknown. Whenever you speak of things that’s unknown, space is usually one of the most talked about things. We all know about the moon, Earth and out solar system, but there’s so much more out there. For my 10th birthday, instead of getting something sports related my wish was for a telescope. With all the recent finding by NASA, there continued voyages to Mars and the first pics of a Black Hole, that interests me.


What are your thoughts about my list? If you could choose another career path, what would it be? Does any of these career paths mentioned interests you? Leave some feedback below about this article.

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