Joyner Lucas Pays Respect to 2Pac, Nipsey and Michael Jackson
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Joyner Lucas Pays Respect to 2Pac and Nipsey

Joyner Lucas Pays Respect to 2Pac and Nipsey

Joyner Lucas is one of the better rappers when it comes to concepts. The new video and track for Devil’s Work is no different. Lucas heads to church to plead with a higher power as to why he’s taken so many legends from our society, Joyner Lucas walks around a church while holding the Bible and drinking a bottle of Hennessey. Joyner Lucas pays respect to 2Pac, Nipsey, Michael Jackson, Biggie Smalls and more legends in the video. Lucas questions why God can’t bring back 2Pac and Nipsey Hussle. On the flip side, Lucas questions why some people need to go straight to hell. Donald Trump, R. Kelly, Martin Shkreli, Laura Ingraham, Eric Holder, Suge Knight, and Tomi Lahren are the ones he diss on the track. Tomi Lahren have since then dissed the track on Twitter.

Joyner Lucas made headlines over a year ago when he dropped his I’m Not Racist video. Devil’s Work is an incredible track that’s become one of my favorites really quickly. Check out the video above and let me know what you think about it. What’s your thoughts about Joyner Lucas? What do you think about the new video? Leave your feedback below about Devil’s Work or anything related to Joyner Lucas.

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