4 Ways to Become A Better Version of Yourself

4 Ways to Become A Better Version of Yourself

4 Ways to Become A Better Version of Yourself

Most people have it in them to be a better version of themselves. Some of us wait for those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions to make proclamations of doing such thing. On a personal level, I’m always trying to better myself and I’m open to try different things to do it. Sometimes bettering yourself doesn’t necessarily mean personal improvements. For me, helping other people sooths the soul and it gives you a special feeling inside. The world is such a crazy place nowadays, more people need to better themselves and show compassion to people. While I’m continuing to make progress to better myself, there are things I can work on.

Less Time on My Phone

As we all know, a lot of people spending endless amounts of time on our phones. My phone is used for business purposes like emails, uploading documents and researching material. On the other hand, like everyone else social media is where I was spending my quality time. Social media can be a toxic environment and I’ve been finding myself spending less time on it. Lately, you can find me with my head in a book as I’ve went the old-school route and got a library card. My goal is to try and read a book a month.

Meditation and Yoga

During my pre-teen and teenage years my sports days came to an end. Various injuries to my knees put me down and they continue to hurt till this day. As we get older, there comes the aches and pains that you accumulate. One of my childhood friends got me into yoga and it was unbelievable how relaxing it made you feel. The physical part was cool, but mentally this was amazing how it transforms the mind. With yoga, that made me get into meditation. With meditation, my self-awareness enhanced, and my stress level was reduced tremendously. While researching different methods of meditation, http://www.buddhismnature.com/meditation05.html was something I discovered. If you’re familiar with meditation and want to make improvements to self, check out the website mentioned.

Help Out Others

A couple years ago, my connections lead me to someone that ran an organization to help homeless people. This is a problem, and nothing gives you better joy than helping out the less fortunate. The lady relied on sponsors and restaurant fundraisers to gather sources. The sponsors began to shrink so the need for fundraisers became increasingly apparent. While there are several fundraisers available, it’s hard to try and run a successful campaign. There are great ways to help, but this website will give you all the tools on how to run an effective fundraising campaign.

Help Kids Get Better Education

With my two oldest kids out of high school and my youngest finishing up middle school, this hits home. When my kids were younger, the school system we were a part of was a complete disaster. About seven years ago, we moved, and the school district was amazing. If we didn’t change school districts, we never would’ve discovered my daughter had special needs. In the other school, they said she was a bad child and basically didn’t think she would graduate. Last year, my daughter graduated, now she’s in college and holding down a job. The kids these days need great schools like the one we moved to or https://brightmindsonlineschool.ca/k-8/ that take our kids future seriously. If you can help one child to better themselves with a proper education, that’s a great feeling.

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