11 Style Tips to Dress for a First Date for Guys
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11 Style Tips to Dress for a First Date for Guys

11 Style Tips to Dress for a First Date for Guys

What you wear on a first date goes a long way in creating the right impression and also greatly increases the possibility of a second meeting. Indeed, what you say, how you behave and how you carry yourself are important in making a great first impression, but the right outfit will make you feel confident, calm, collected and comfortable when you’re meeting someone for the first time.

If you’re anxious about what to wear on a first date, here are 11 style tips you’ll find useful.

  1. Don’t hesitate to sport a nice color. Men often tend to choose muted colors, which need not be the case on your first date. While we don’t recommend an outlandishly loud or flamboyant color, wearing a pale yellow or light breezy green is not a bad idea at all.
  2. Wear your hair the usual way. The worst time to experiment with a new hairdo is right before a first date. Instead, wear your hair the way you’re accustomed to so that you’ll feel confident and comfortable. Just get a trim by your regular stylist a week prior to date night. Groom yourself the usual way—that’s the look your date fell for, right!
  3. Skip the dirty, baggy jeans. The last thing you want on a first date is to look like you don’t care about how you look. You want to appear well turned out, clean and in control of your style—which is why that well-worn, faded or dirty pair of jeans is a strict no-no. The same goes for ill-fitting pants that are either too tight or falling off your waist.
  4. Check how you smell. Indeed you want to smell great on every date, but steer clear of overdoing a perfume or donning an overpowering fragrance. Also, consider if the smell of your aftershave could be interfering with that of your cologne or eau-de-toilette.
  5. Wear clean shoes. You’ll be surprised to learn how many men tend to forget about their shoes when prepping for a date, only to remember at the last moment that the pair they wanted to wear is either dirty or looks old or doesn’t go with the outfit. While we don’t ask you to fret over footwear, do pick a pair that suits your personal style, the occasion as well the outfit you’re wearing.
  6. Opt for a casual yet grown-up t-shirt. Skip the comic logo or funny quote and keep it simple and classy. Adam White of Jasper Holland Co (https://jasperhollandco.com/) says that with the perfect date night t-shirt, you can look nice enough to impress your date while still feeling comfortable and confident.
  7. Choose your underwear with care. Yes, aside from looking good on the outside, you need to wear a clean and comfortable set of underclothes so that you’re not conscious or uncomfortable because of the fit, fabric or label of your innerwear.
  8. Don’t pick busy patterns. Whether you’re wearing a shirt or t-shirt, avoid choosing a busy pattern that’s screaming for attention or takes the focus away from your personality. You don’t need loud or complex prints to show off your cool side. Steer clear of these and let your words and body language convey the type of person you are.
  9. Don’t overdo the accessories. Especially when you’re meeting someone for the first or second time, the best bet is to keep things simple. This way you won’t throw off the other person with too strong a style statement, which in any case may just be a passing trend you’re exploring. Wear a maximum of two accessories (although a nice watch is just enough).
  10. Don’t lose your individual style. This can happen to the most fashion-forward people. When styling yourself for a date, remember that the person you’re meeting should be able to see the most genuine version of you. This means that you need to dress well but need not compromise on your personal style choices. The farther you move from your individual style, the less confident you’ll feel on a date or any other occasion.
  11. Consider the venue. Are you meeting for a cup of coffee at the local street café or going to the movies or the waterfront bar on Saturday evening? Pay attention to the weather as well as the place where you’ll be meeting your date. Dress for the occasion and the atmosphere so you won’t feel out of place, awkward or embarrassed of your outfit.
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