5 Changes Your Body Goes Through After Turning 60
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5 Changes Your Body Goes Through After Turning 60

5 Changes Your Body Goes Through After Turning 60

With Mother’s Day around the corner, my mother and I got together to spend some quality time. Seeing that we work so much, and we stay in two different towns, we hardly get to see each other. After catching up, we went to have lunch together so we could talk. After telling her about my aches and pains since turning 40, she just said wait until the 60s come calling. After she was giving me the low down on how the body changes, it was kind of scary. When we arrived back at my mom’s house, we talked more, and I bought some candy from my niece. After helping my niece great door to door charity fundraising with her, we talked some more. My mom gave me a full list of things that will change over the years. Below are 5 changes your body goes through after 60.

Your Teeth Start to Fall Out

Dental hygiene is key, but as you get older it’s one thing you must take care of. Tooth enamel things and breaks down leaving your teeth exposed to more bacterial. Try to practice good dental hygiene: brush your teeth twice a day, floss and see your dentist regularly to prevent decay. Sometimes you may wait too late and you’ll have to get replacements. A few years ago, she got a set of great porcelain veneers and it’s something that’s worth every dime.

Getting Out of Bed is a Hassle

She says she has worked ever since she was 14-years-old. After working for almost fifty years, there are times that she can’t get out of bed. The wear and tear are starting to get to her, but she doesn’t want to retire anytime soon. Usually, she’s an early bird on the weekends when she’s off, but things have changed. Every now and then, she’ll stay in the bed until noon and still keep her pajamas on most of the day.

You Start to Slow Down

This is something I can relate to because I’ve slowed down a bit since turning 40. She says you will slow down a lot more when you hit the 60s. It’ll become harder for you to keep up due to the slowdown of brain signals to your muscles. The brain cells that shoot motor-control commands begins to decrease for most people around 40 years old.

You Can’t Hear as Good Anymore

When you get older you will start asking people to repeat themselves. For a while you’ll chalk it up to others, but your hearing is getting bad. Eventually, it’ll get so bad that you could use some hearing aids. There are plenty of places to get you some hearing aids. TheHearingRoom.ca is the best place for you to help with your hearing loss from these great health professionals.

Your Aches and Pains Last Longer

This started in my late-30’s and that’s having pains last longer than expected. As we age our muscle mass declines and repair mechanisms slows down. There is an overall decrease in strength and a longer recovery time so it’s important to stay active and build strength to avoid injury. You will also start to pay the price for poor posture or previous injury; people in their 60s begin to experience more body aches and pains.

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