5 Fast Growing Business Ideas to Invest in With Friends
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5 Fast Growing Business Ideas to Invest in With Friends

One of the best things you can do is to own your very own business. It’s quite the hassle and something that might not see a profit for a couple of years. If that’s not the route you’re wanting to take you could always invest in something. Instead of creating a unique business, you could just invest in something that’s guaranteed to make a profit. While there’s plenty of companies that’s closing down, but there are plenty of growing businesses. Three of my best friends have been tossing around ideas of something we could invest in together. Below are 5 fast business growing ideas to invest in with friends.


If you make great food, people will talk about it and come to try it out. One of my friends is Dominican and he’s friends with a couple of people who went to school for Culinary Arts. They’re great when it comes to preparing Dominican food and this is definitely an option. The other option has got to be a soul food joint. The opportunities are endless because people will swamp anywhere there is good food. You could also sell just meat because the groceries stores are packed and have high prices. You could start small and over time get more equipment like slicers, cutters and maybe a 5kg sausage stuffer. Either way, opening a restaurant would be an option and one that would be a promising investment.

Marijuana Paraphernalia

While the states continue to grow where they’re legalizing marijuana grows, so is anything related to it. We all know vaping and CBD oils is major business, but marijuana is the real deal. We are hoping for the day the state of Georgia finally gives the green light. Anything related to marijuana would sell well and it’s something a couple of them are very familiar with. The business of selling stuff like bongs or water pipes could be found here.

Night Spot

In our area, there’s not many places for grown ups to relax and have an appropriate time. My Dominican friend want to open up a Dominican nightclub. I’m wanting more of a place to eat and have a live band that plays Blues, Jazz and R&B. Either way, if we were to decide on something it’ll be classy and for the grownups.

Furniture Store

One thing we all have in common and that’s decorating homes. We all have mancaves and love to help our wives when it comes to interior decorations. This is something we think could do well because we’re knowledgeable when it comes to the furniture business. We would probably model our business kind of like https://www.sunpan.com/usa/ and hope to be as successful.

Retirement Home

My wife works for one and my daughter does part-time stuff for one also. In the area where I live, they are popping up everywhere. All of them are full, they make good money and the need for them is extremely high. We have researched everything we need to know about how to run them. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the elderly. For me, if someone has worked their entire lives, they should have the best care when they can’t take care of themselves anymore. We would love to run our business similar to https://spectrumhealthcare.com/senior-care.


What do you think about the five business ideas mentioned? What is something you would love to invest in? Leave some feedback below about anything related to this article.

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