3 Useful Things Needed After Moving to New Home
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3 Useful Things Needed After Moving to New Home

3 Useful Things Needed After Moving to New Home

About seven years ago, we packed up and moved to the next county and it was the best thing ever. The neighborhood, location and the schools have been a blessing and we don’t know why we didn’t move earlier. The place we moved from is where me and my wife grew up and started our family. Sometimes you grow up, want a change and be around people with your own ambition. The neighborhood is great and everyone pretty much stays to themselves. Since we go to Atlanta a lot, the main highway is about five minutes away. When it comes to the schools, they have been awesome from the elementary school all the way to high school. While those are some of the most important aspects to our move, there’s a few things I would love to change.

Something to Help Fight Odor Problem

Ever since moving here over seven years ago, the growth of this area have been mind-boggling. We have had a few roads that have been widened and several restaurants built. There also have been several other subdivisions built and now some apartments also. The bridge on the way to the high school have been upgraded and a couple more convenience stores popped up. The one thing people have frowned on and that’s a land field. The land field isn’t near the house, but it’s close enough to catch a little scent from time to time. We all wish we had something like https://scicorp.net/compost-odor/ to fend off that dreaded compost odor.

Lasers to Hang Up All Pictures for Wifey

If you know me, then you will know that I’m a huge fan of the newest technology. When you’re moving, everything you take off the wall from the old place will have to go back up. With my wife, she has to have everything perfect and that could take forever. After searching online, we found that https://disensors.com/products/lasers/ sells lasers that could be used for damn near everything. They have lasers laser scanners are high-accuracy sensors for industrial surface dimensioning and measurement applications. For example, the AccuProfile™820 2D Laser Scanners measure surface height profiles by projecting a beam of visible laser light that creates a line on the target surface.

Air to Water Heat Pumps for Pool or Spas

Who have a swimming pool in the backyard? Does your pool water become extremely cold at times? When we moved that was one of the issues because my kids are cold natured. Instead of swimming in the pool, they would hang in the spa all the time. After browsing online, we found the best air to heat water pump we could use. For example, the Arctic Spa Heat Pumps can produce up to 104°F high temperature water. Ideal for hot tubs and spas. All Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps are both heater as well as chillers.  On automatic the heat pump will maintain the ideal temperature by switching from heating to cooling mode as needed.  Great for scorching summer climates where a refreshing pool is welcomed in the heat waves. Most importantly, we can save up to 70% on you pool or hot tub heating bill.

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