5 Activities to Do This Weekend in Atlanta
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5 Activities to Do This Weekend in Atlanta

5 Activities to Do This Weekend in Atlanta

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Hit Up the Atlanta Braves Game

We’re both baseball fans and we love the Atlanta Braves. Since the Braves are running a Military Appreciation night Saturday, we might go to that one. Seeing he was in the Army, that’ll be a wonderful time to go. Atlanta is also playing a good team in the Milwaukee Brewers so it should be a good game.

Hit Up Another Sports Bar

With both of the Conference Finals in full effect, this weekend is the time to go to a sports bar. On Friday night, there will be Game 2 between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors. If we choose Saturday night, it’s Game 3 between the Portland Trailblazers and Golden State Warriors. The way these playoffs have been going, both games will be great and a must see.

Go to a Comedy Show

We have followed comedy since the early-to-late 90s, but we could check out the new talent. On Friday night, the Suite Food Lounge in Atlanta will be hosting the ATL Comedy Festival. There will be some of the funniest comedians in the nation at that one venue. On Saturday, there will be The Georgia Comedy Festival, so we have a choice of two nights for comedy.

Date Night with Our Wives

This is always an option, and this is something we’ve done a few times before. There’s nothing like going out to dinner with another couple to have some fun and share some laughs. It’s been a little over a month ever since we all went out together so it’s overdue. I’m sure the ladies wouldn’t mind a date to share some laughter also.

Go to the Gym

This is something we’ve been planning on for a while now. About a month ago, he joined the same gym and we’ve yet to go together. We both have talked about needing to get in better shape and this would be the perfect time. We like to save money, so we could bypass the other four things to do and focus on our health and keep money in our pockets.


What are some things you can do this weekend in Atlanta? What do you think about the activities mentioned above? What’s something you and your friends like to do on the weekends with each other? Anything else in the Atlanta area we could possibly do this weekend? Leave some feedback below about anything related to the article.

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