4 Most Beneficial Classes Back in High School

4 Most Beneficial Classes Back in High School

4 Most Beneficial Classes Back in High School

While talking with much younger co-workers, our attention turned to school and how much we miss it. We talked about the most beneficial classes we’ve took back in high school and it brought back memories. While in high school, like most of us we couldn’t wait for the day we leave for good. Now that we’re adults, those were some of the best times of our lives and miss it very much. The friendships and just being kids were cool, but the academic side was great also. Unfortunately, my career took a different path than originally thought for some odd reason. Either way, those conversations lead me to thinking about some of the more beneficial classes in high school. Below are the four classes that I remembered the most and were very beneficial.


Math have forever been my favorite subject and something that I loved in school. Math always came naturally because it’s something that I’ve gravitated to. Throughout my time in high school, numerous awards were won. During those meetings with my counselor, she would always tell me that my career should be in accounting or something of that nature. Unfortunately, after getting certified as an Office Accountant Specialist no one would hire me. Having that kind of experience made me veer in another direction and left that career behind.

Health Occupations

Being hired into a health related field was one of my first loves. My teacher, Mrs. Davidson have always had a special place in my heart to the point we’ve found each other on Facebook. Mrs. Davidson made Health Occupations fun and it was more than learning https://www.candent.ca/anatomical-models/skeletal-models.html. Of course, we learned medical terminology, nursing and how to take care of patients. We also had the opportunity to see how to work with the elderly. After that class, we learned the importance of live-in companions and sites like https://seniorsforseniors.ca/live-in-companions is very helpful.


While many people looked at History class as boring, this was something that intrigued me. When it comes to anything related to history, I’m immediately listening because I’m always wanting to know how things were before I was born. Being the person, I am, I’ve done a lot of research on what was told, and I’ve delved deeper into it. History was one of those subjects that pushed me and something that’s still followed till this day.

Cooking Class

Learning how to cook in high school is one of the reasons that I love to cook now. Being someone that loves to cook made me enjoy being in the kitchen. When we started looking for houses, the kitchen was one of the more important aspects of the search. If the kitchen is as important to you like it is for me, now click here and be amazed. Looking back, it was crazy that I was one of two guys in that class. My teacher thought my intentions were to be around the girls, but the class was awesome.


Do you miss high school? What were some of your favorite classes in high school? Leave some feedback about anything related to your time in school.

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