Ghetto Mafia Draw the Line Released 25 Years Ago Today
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Ghetto Mafia Draw the Line Released 25 Years Ago Today

Ghetto Mafia Draw the Line Released 25 Years Ago Today

Before Ludacris, T.I., Jeezy or Gucci you had rappers like the Ghetto Mafia. While Outkast was getting all the props and deservedly so with their Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, Draw the Line dropped. The debut from Ghetto Mafia was well-received around here. This was around the time where Atlanta music was transitioning from bass and club music to gangsta and more lyrics. Everyday Thang in the Hood featured the late, great MC Breed helped solidify Ghetto Mafia. Having someone like MC Breed in your debut album was major. At the time, Breed and Ghetto Mafia were on the same label. Either way, Everyday Thang in the Hood was a smash hit. While the album didn’t get the props nationwide like they should have, Draw the Line is still a classic in my eyes.

Life of a Sniper, Mr. President, Real Motha Fuckaz, Cost to be the Boss, Facts of Life and Downtown Glory are some other bangers. Ghetto Mafia’s Draw the Line will be the perfect album to celebrate Music Monday. Peep the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream link.

  1. Intro
  2. Life of A Sniper
  3. Everyday Thang in the Hood ft. MC Breed
  4. Special Delivery
  5. President
  6. Organized Crime
  7. Draw the Line
  8. Real Motha Fuckaz
  9. Cost to Be the Boss
  10. Facts of Life
  11. A-Town
  12. One Less Bitch
  13. Downtown Glory

Have you heard of the Ghetto Mafia before? How about their album, Draw the Line? What do you think about Ghetto Mafia Draw the Line? Leave some feedback about Ghetto Mafia or their Draw the Line album below.

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