Are You Taking Better Care of Your Car Than Your Health?
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Are You Taking Better Care of Your Car Than Your Health?

Are You Taking Better Care of Your Car Than Your Health?

We all love our cars very dearly. To us, it’s not just a motorized vehicle that gets you from one place to another, it’s like a part of your home that just happens to be mobile. You’ll spend a lot of time and effort on your car, which is why any sign of a hiccup would be a terrifying concept. There’s something else that should get this kind of attention: our bodies. If we treated our bodies the same way we treat our cars, health wouldn’t be much of an issue. Here are some tips to help you treat your “car” a lot better.

1.      Don’t let it overheat

Everything has a breaking point. When you own a car long enough, you become well familiarized with its limits. If you push it too far too fast, it’s inevitably going to overheat. This can be detrimental to its parts and the car’s overall health. Once you’ve figured out how well it can run, you will probably want to avoid overheating it for fear of damaging anything important.

People work pretty much the same way. You can push yourself to your limits trying to achieve everything at once, but it might cost you your health. You can’t juggle a career, your family, two hobbies, a social life, and taking care of your car without leaving yourself some breathing room. You have to notice signs of burnout before they take a hold of you.

Working really hard is admirable, but you need to look at the big picture. You can’t work efficiently if you get stressed out. You have to work smart and rest when you need it. Otherwise, you’re just going to crack under the pressure and not achieve any of your goals.

2.      Don’t mistreat it

The way you use your car will significantly influence how well it runs. If your car wasn’t made for off-roading, you don’t want to take it for a spin on a bumpy, dirt road in the countryside. The shock absorbers might not be made to handle it. Doing doughnuts and other tricks on the highway won’t do your tires any good, either.

Being careless with your body is just as bad as mishandling your vehicle. The difference is that you can’t replace your body when it breaks. Eating too much or binge drinking will cause your body to slowly deteriorate and lose energy. This doesn’t mean you should become a nun and practice all kinds of abstinence but try to do things in moderation in order to keep your body healthy.

3.      Filling up the gas

Are You Taking Better Care of Your Car Than Your Health?

Your car won’t run without gas. The type of gas you use depends on the type of car you have and using the wrong one is inefficient, and it could eventually lead to engine damage. Filling up your gas tank with hundreds of dollars’ worth of fuel every week is fine, but you should show that same kind of dedication to the “fuel” that makes you run.

Nutrition is a crucial part of your health. What you eat and how often you eat can have significant effects on your health and state of mind. Most people forego eating at regular intervals because it’s not convenient. You can’t just up and eat whenever you want in this scenario. Keep in mind that our body likes predictability. It will be easier for you to digest food if you regularly have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Food is the fuel that propels us, in much the same way that gas works on cars. The difference is that our “fuel” is a lot more complicated. There are a bunch of factors we have to take into consideration when preparing food. You have to check your caloric intake to make sure you don’t put on too much weight. Vitamins and minerals are crucial if you want to function, so they have to be accounted for in your meals.

4.      Take the car to the shop

When something’s wrong with your car, you’re probably not going to try and fix it all by yourself. You’ll seek a professional mechanic to diagnose the problem and repair it before something really bad happens. If that sounds vaguely familiar, you’re on the right track.

If people had this same approach to their bodies, a lot of health issues would be less serious than they currently are. Even if you consider yourself the pinnacle of health and fitness, something can still spontaneously go wrong.

Even the highest quality and most well-maintained car will run into some issues occasionally. If you get down with the flu or some strep throat, it’s going to slow you down. A bit of medicine could help get you back on your feet. Contacting health professionals is the best step you can take. There’s no shame in admitting that you’re just human.

5.      Keep it clean and tidy

Are You Taking Better Care of Your Car Than Your Health?

A lot of family men treat their car a lot better than they treat their own bedrooms. You probably aim to make your vehicle absolutely spotless before you take a seat behind the wheel. This is perfectly understandable; you don’t want to deal with a messy car while you’re driving somewhere. After all, what would people that get into your car think of you if they saw how dirty it was?

When you spend much of your day working, you probably don’t have the energy to take care of your body afterwards. You head in for a quick shower and try to put yourself in a relaxing mood and call it a day. Shaving and plucking your eyebrows become out of the question. Keep in mind that the way we look significantly influences how we feel. A couple of minutes grooming at home will not only make you feel better about yourself but having a ritual will also help you feel relaxed and at peace.

6.      Prepare for harsh conditions

When fall and winter are just around the corner, you might head down to an auto shop and buy some snow tires and extra strong windshield wipers. You can anticipate harsh weather slowing you down while you drive, which is why it’s good to be prepared ahead of time for these types of scenarios.

People tend to be stubborn when it gets cold outside. You can’t be bothered to put on a heavy coat every time you head to the store and you end up with a cold a few days later. Comfortable and warm clothing is essential when the weather starts taking a nasty turn.

You need proper rain gear during the fall and spring. You don’t want to get to work with drenched shoes and socks. There are very few things as uncomfortable as spending eight hours working while your footwear is cold and soggy. Invest in some rubber boots for those heavy rain seasons to avoid this.

7.      Take it for a spin

Are You Taking Better Care of Your Car Than Your Health?

Your car is of no use to you collecting dust in the garage. Cars aren’t meant to stay immobile for extended periods of time. The various fluids in it will stagnate and you’re going to end up with a mess. Taking it out for a spin every once in a while, lets the fluids circulate and it keeps the car working nicely. Your car was probably made with regular driving in mind, which is why you need to keep it active.

Our bodies function in much the same way. If you encourage your children to exercise and stay healthy to become big and strong, you should follow that philosophy yourself.

Spending time outside is good for your health. Studies show that just ten to twenty minutes of physical activity per day in the outdoors is more than enough to lower stress hormone levels by a significant amount. Running and cycling are the best ways to combine exercise and spending time in nature. If you’re prone to sweating during physical activity, you should keep your running and cycling clothing with you. Well-designed fitness clothes help the air circulate below them and allow your skin to breathe.

8.      Yearly check-ups

Even if nothing is particularly wrong with your car, you still might want to take it for a check-up. You want to be absolutely sure that nothing will happen to your pride and joy. Some issues can be hidden behind the hood despite the fact that it’s perfectly functional. Years of use can do that to a vehicle.

Doctor’s appointments and check-ups have to become more frequent as we get older. There are a bunch of things that can spontaneously go wrong, even if you’re in perfect health. Your doctor will probably recommend some common tests to see if everything is alright. Bloodwork can reveal a lot about how our body is functioning. Try to do this once every year or two, just in case.


Your car and your body aren’t all that different. Both require a lot of care and attention in order to function properly. If you show your body the same kind of love you show your car, it’s going to have a very positive effect on your mental state.

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