5 Must Visit Hiking Sites in The World
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5 Must Visit Hiking Sites in The World

5 Must Visit Hiking Sites in The World

Are you someone who constantly seeks adventure? Do you enjoy the thrill, rush, and excitement of hiking trips? If your answers are yes, you’re reading the right post. Yes, in this article, we will discuss the top hiking sites across the globe. So, if you’re fishing for ideas and are wondering where to head for your next trip, here are a couple of options.

Inca Trail

One of the most classic hikes of the world, the Inca Trail is perfect for the ones who’re looking to plunge in a trip teeming with adventure, excitement, and thrill. As you sign up for this trip, be completely prepared to witness some major ascending and descending trails. Along your way, you will stumble on mountains, relics, rivers, and other waterways before finally reaching the beautiful Macchu Pichu. Located in Peru, your hiking trip to Inca Trail will take around 4 to 5 days. The best time to visit this spot is between May and September.

Puez Odle Altopiano

Located in Dolomite, Italy, Puez Odle Altopiano can be your next hiking destination. The trail is spectacularly picturesque, and it comes with all the challenges that you’d expect from a hiking tour. When you start hiking, you will realize that climbing along the trail involves plenty of effort. But guess what? At the end of the day, it is absolutely worth it! This hike will take you to some of the highest peaks in this region, while also giving you a perfect bird’s-eye view of the beautiful Dolomites mountain. This hike is likely to take you around 6 to 8 hours.

Tour Du Mont Blanc

When it comes to European hiking spots, Tour Du Mont Blanc takes our top spot. This is indeed one of the most popular long-distance walks, in and around Europe. When you participate in this trip, you get an opportunity to hike across three beautiful European countries. What’s more, you also get to walk your way through beautiful mountain passes, spectacular meadows, picturesque glacial valleys and more. This trek covers Mont Blanc massive along with a few subsequent peaks. The trail has an average distance of 170 kilometers, and it will take you 7 to 11 days to complete it.

Torres Del Paine W Circuit

Located in Peru, the Torres Del Paine W Circuit is one of the best hiking trails you’ll ever come across. This popular route is shaped like the letter W’, and it’ll take you to the beautiful Paine National park. During your hiking session, you will get the rare opportunity to witness volcanoes, glaciers, lakes, and more. In case you are looking to go the longer route, you can always trail along the O’ circuit, encompassing the former W’ one. While the place is usually crowded throughout the season, you can try hiking in winter to avoid too many people. The ideal time to visit this spot would be between October to April, and it will take you 4 to 6 days to complete your hike.

GR 20

If you’re looking for a multi-day trekking session in Europe, GR 20 is your best bet. Traversing the Mediterranean island Corsica, this trek is also touted to be one of the most challenging treks ever. Your entire trail will run 180 kilometers along the jagged spines of the area’s mountainous center. This trail is said to comprise of two parts: a northern part, and a part lying along the south. This southern part includes a small village which further gives you an exit spot at a train station.

This area is usually teeming with dense and vivid forests. The northern part, on the other hand, can be steep and rocky, but it’ll leave you with a wonderful payoff: the spectacular scenery. You will be completely blown away as you get glimpses of the deep blue lakes, the stunning granite moonscapes, and dramatically spiraling coastline. Owing to the intensity of this trek, it might take you around 11 to 15 days to complete it.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you know which hiking site to head at, get your backpacks ready (learn more), and set foot on the trail right away! Each of these spots is packed with adventure, and they will give you the kind of thrill you expect from a hiking session.

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