Warren G Release Classic Debut 25 Years Ago Today
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Warren G Release Classic Debut 25 Years Ago Today

Warren G Release Classic Debut 25 Years Ago Today

Warren G release classic debut 25 years ago today. Warren G have always been the ultimate hustler when it comes to the rap game. First off, Warren G is the half-brother of Dr. Dre and was a part of the group, 213 with Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg. Before his debut album, Regulate….G-Funk Era he produced records. 2Pac gave him a shot on the Poetic Justice Soundtrack and he produced the dope track, Indo Smoke on that soundtrack. Afterwards, Def Jam signed him, and the rest is history as he released his debut album. Of course, Regulate kicked off the album and one of the lead singles from the Above the Rim Soundtrack. Regulate is on the list of all-time hip hop records and one of my personal favorites. Regulate became the biggest single Def Jam had ever released, which is significant seeing their hip hop history.

Regulate helped catapult the album to another stratosphere and it went on to sell over three million copies. With Regulate being nominated for two awards, Warren G released the single for another banger, This D.J. This D.J. became another top-10 single for Warren G as it went on to go gold. During this time, this track appeared on countless mixtapes and it was another smooth track with the Warren G sound. Do You See was the final single released from the album and it didn’t do as good as the previous two. For me, people wanted another Regulate but both of the follow-up singles are dope also. The three singles Warren G released from the album are some of my favorite cuts from the project. Recognize, So Many Ways, This is the Shack and What’s Next are my other top joints from the album.

Regulate….G-Funk Era opened so many doors for Warren G during this time. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg commanded all the attention out west, but this pushed Warren G to the forefront. While Warren G isn’t the type to care about the attention, he opened up a label. The Dove Shack and Twinz signed with Warren G and they both released albums the following year. Actually, the Dove Shack and Twinz dropped albums on the same day. The Dove Shack album was nice and the Twinz album is very underrated. As far as the Regulate….G-Funk Era album, check out the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream link.

  1. Regulate ft. Nate Dogg
  2. Do You See
  3. Gangsta Sermon ft. B-Tip & Ricky Harris
  4. Recognize ft. Twinz
  5. Super Soul Sis ft. Jah Skills
  6. 94 Ho Draft ft. B-Tip & Ricky Harris
  7. So Many Ways ft. Wayniac & Lady Levi
  8. This D.J. ft. O.G.L.B
  9. This is the Shack ft. Dove Shack
  10. What’s Next ft. Mr. Malik
  11. And Ya Don’t Stop
  12. Runnin’ With No Breaks ft. Jah Skills, Bo Roc, G-Child & The Twinz

Do you remember the classic dropped by Warren G? What are your thoughts about the album? What’s your favorite track off the album? Leave some feedback about Regulate….G-Funk Era or anything related to Warren G.

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